Willfindhope. 23 year old female. Resides in Australia. University student learning to become an occupational therapist. Mental health advocate and volunteer.

This blog will primarily be about my life and experiences with mental health issues, specifically borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety and an eating disorder.

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  1. Howdy,

    I was browsing though the internet, looking for interesting blogs from interesting people who suffer a form of depression/bipolar. And I found yours. When I read “About”, I thought I’d be the first to respond, as you asked. I am Lonely Wallflower (rather be anonymous, makes me feel more free) and I have depression. I might suffer from other things as well, but I am still on a waiting list for help. I will be 30 in two weeks and a day. I am female and come from The Netherlands.
    I also blog here at wordpress: http://lonelywallflower.wordpress.com

    Good luck and much strength,

    PS. would you mind if I add your blog to my “Interesting blogs”?

    • Hi LW,
      Welcome to my blog, and thanks for your comment. I totally understand about being anonymous, I’ve had the experience of being found online by my friends and it’s not fun at all.
      Hopefully you don’t have to wait too long to get the help that you need and deserve.
      I will be keeping an eye on your blog 🙂
      Adding my blog to your list would be absolutely fine!
      Take care,
      BtF x

  2. Hey ,

    You have a seriously awesome blog. I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic Disorder and Depression and have had for some years now, but I only started blogging about my experiences in 09.


    I’ve been looking around the interwebs to see who else blogs about this sort of thing and found yours. It’s wonderful to find another mental health blogger from Australia. I am from Brisvegas.

    I just shifted my blog over from blogspot so the wordpress one’s still under construction but I was wondering if I could ad your blog to a list of awesome mental health themed blogs I’m building.

    Cheers and take care.


    • Hi Annika,
      I will be checking out your blog 🙂
      It is nice to meet another MH blogger from Australia, a lot I know are from the UK and some from the US.
      Of course you can add my blog to your blogroll 🙂
      Thanks for the comment, it’s awesome to hear when people think that what I’m writing isn’t rubbish!
      Take care,
      BtF x

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your comment. I will check out your blog too. 🙂 It’s always nice to meet other mental health bloggers.
      Take care,
      BtF x

  3. BtF,

    I’m so impressed. You’re so young. And, you work and volunteer. Plus, you take such a mature role in your recovery. And, not letting your illness define you. I have no idea how i found your blog. Probably from some other blog I read. I’m 45 and have BP II, plus a collage of other stuff that may or may not add up to a diagnosis.

  4. Hi, I’m Marci from the USA. My blog is http://mm172001.wordpress.com/ I don’t always write alot because of college and the complexities of the issues I deal with daily but you can check it out if you would like. I suffer from BPD, social anxiety, depression and sleep problems (these are the ones i agree with most). I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and just thought I’d say “Hi!”

    • Hi Marci!
      Thanks for commenting. 🙂 Yes, I have been following your blog already, and I like reading your blog posts and updates on how you’re going.
      Hope you’ve been doing okay. xx

  5. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog while surfing through blogger.com blogs. I’m sorry that you felt the need to keep your anonymity. I look forward to the day when people with disorders do not have to hide in shame, or fear of retribution.

    I am 34. I have lived with multiple disorders most of my life. I have only recently sought help, as the rage is getting out of control. I have suffered severe insomnia since I was a child, as well as a generalized anxiety disorder that wasn’t diagnosed until I was about 20. Right now, I’m being sent for a psychiatric assessment. The therapist I saw is tossing around the idea of dissociative disorder(s). Yes, I may have more than one of those. This would explain a lot.

    Anyway, I plan on following your blog. If I can figure out the whole blogroll thing, I’d like to add you. If you’d like to check out my erratic blog, it’s at http://deranged-recovery.blogspot.com/

    I wish you all the best.

    • Hi Sheree,

      I too hope that one day mental disorders do not face any stigma whatsoever.

      I wish you well for your psychiatric assessment, I hope it gives you some answers and it helps you obtain the proper treatment.

      Thanks for your comment, I have visited your blog and left you a comment.

      Take care,
      BtF x

  6. Hi ^^

    I can’t quite remember how I arrived here but I’m glad I did. I am also Chinese Indonesian but I was born in Indonesia before coming to Australia when I was 12.

    I am impressed (and slightly envious? hahahha) that you are able to study, work and volunteer while still struggling with your illness.

    I hope 2011 will be a better year than 2010 for you.


    • Hey,
      It’s really nice to meet someone else of the same culture who is going through a few of the same things.
      Lol I did get terminated from my first Uni course though…which is not impressive at all…!
      Thank you.
      I will check out your blog 🙂

  7. Hi,
    I moved to Brisbane last year from the US to complete a Master’s course, and I also struggle with social anxiety and depression, amongst other things that I still haven’t totally been able to pin down. I’m starting up CBT, so we’ll see how it goes. Anyways, I’ve read through some of your posts and feel as if I can relate to a lot of it. I guess I just wanted to say that I’m struggling along with you, hoping for a better future for both of us.


  8. Hey, my names Jess and I just started my blog about my social anxiety issues a few days ago. I too am pretty scared of being discovered by friends and having my anonymity lost but I’m hoping that this blog will give me the confidence to do it myself one day. I posted about it a couple of hours ago actually, have a look if you’re interested 😛 It’s awesome to find another blog thats similar to mine, I look forward to checking it out!

  9. Hi,
    I’ve only just found your blog – from also just finding TWIM.
    In a crazy but quite cool way, I also am studying Occupational Therapy, but in the UK. Been struggling with depression and the such like for long while, and can’t quite believe I’ve made it to nearly the end of my OT course – “just” dissertation (currently procrastinating from it!) and final placement to do. I don’t blog, but will be really interested to read yours.
    Uni and the OT team have been fantastically supportive throughout my course, and I’ve also recieved support from a uni mental heath/wellbeing service. OT is an amazing career, and your own experiences will make you a fab OT. Hang in there with it!
    best wishes,

    • Hi,
      It’s great to meet a fellow OT student, especially someone who knows what it’s like to battle mental health issues at the same time as embarking on a Uni course. Congrats on nearly finishing your degree! I hope to get there in a few years time…!
      Thank you 🙂 x

  10. You have a beautiful blog! I subscribed! And thanks for subscribing to mine! 🙂

    I added your link to my blogroll. Would you like to add me to yours?

    If you want to, you can do it as follows: name: Journal of a Male Childhood Abuse Survivor, link: http://prozacblogger.wordpress.com.

    I’ll be checking in regularly to check out your posts.


    – Prozacblogger

  11. I work with mentally ill people…. it can be a very scary and challenging experience. I feel for you. thanks for sharing with this wonderful blog. I hope writing can continue to be therapeutic for you. Take care.

  12. Hello,

    I’ve stumbled across your blog today after searching in vain for mental health support services.

    I have a sister who has again tried to take her life this week. It is not the first time, and I very much doubt will be the last time.

    Unfortunately we do not have supportive parents, which I believe is the root of my sister’s mental health. My parents are abusive and each have their own issues.
    My sister has not managed to work through the issues of her childhood (she has recently turned 30), and has used drugs, cutting herself and purging as a coping mechanism. She also does not see herself as having a problem.

    I have tried to support my sister in many ways, sometimes by walking away as it has affected my own sanity!! I am completely frustrated at the lack of support services for her, due to not meeting the ‘criteria’ etc.

    I am at a complete loss with what to do, and unfortunately do not see a bright future for my sister.

    Although your own situation is very different, is there anything that you can suggest I do or even say to her? Although she is the one with the problems, I am finding that I need the help and advice as to how to manage the situation – There does not appear to be that support.


    • Hi,

      Things must be very difficult for your sister and I’m sure it is hard for you too having to watch someone you love go through all that. I empathise that not having supportive parents makes things so much harder.

      Unfortunately there are gaps in the mental health system everywhere. Goodness knows I’ve experienced it, as well as so many others who need help. Did your sister go to hospital after her suicide attempt? If she did, she should have been assessed by a mental health professional and given follow up help. It’s hard to say what’s available when I’m not quite sure where you’re located, but a GP can be a good place to start. GPs should be in the know about the sort of resources available for someone with a mental illness and refer people on.

      Looking after yourself is really important too. In Australia there are organisations like Arafmi for carers and family members of those with a mental illness. Depending on where you are, maybe you could look into something like that too?

      All the best. xx

  13. Hey… I just wanted to drop you a quick note to ask if you’d be willing to do a little guest post on my blog please – I want to set up a page with people’s stories of Mental Illness, to let others know that they’re not alone, and hopefully create a friendly place where people feel comfortable to share and support each other… Drop me a note on my blog if you’re interested, and I’ll send you my email address… Take Care xx

  14. Hey 😉
    Ive read a lot of your blog over the past couple of days and can totally relate to you! Infact a lot of the issues im facing + the thoughts i have seem to be exactly the same as you describe. You have insprired me to start a blog myself, around the same issues – I would love if you took a look!
    I have an eating disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and depression and live in NZ. I think the public mental health system here might be a little better than in Aussie, well, at least for under 21‘s, im not so sure about after that!
    Anyway, the point is, thank you for inspiring me (and to be honest keeping me from ending my life these last couple of days) and I hope you follow my blog 🙂

    Kia Kaha (stay strong!)

  15. Hello ~

    I am a 25 year old writer & artist from San Diego, CA. I’d like to share a project I’ve been creating during the last few days with bloggers and people with depression/OCD. Cat Nap is a new column I added to my online magazine West Coast Bee.Z– Basically I am experimenting with collage art for 7 consecutive days, in complete solitude, while confronting my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As of today, I’m on day three. I am publishing each day’s experience on my website. I wanted to invite you to check it out. I would truly appreciate a shout out on any social media outlets to my project. Also, feel free to offer feedback on my website!

    Sincere Thanks,

    Arabella D’Acquisto
    Creative Director

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