Assessment appointment for ED treatment

I received a call today from the CCI, which is the only public service in the state that offers an outpatient eating disorders program. I was offered an assessment appointment which I accepted, and it’s been scheduled for next Friday. There’s a part of me though that has doubts about whether obtaining treatment is the right decision or not. As I’m now weight restored after being in hospital, I feel as though I don’t need or deserve treatment for anorexia. After all, I’m not underweight any more so not only do I not look like I have anorexia, I don’t even fit the criteria for a diagnosis any more. Although I know it wouldn’t be a good decision, I’m tempted to lose weight before next Friday because I fear I’m going to go and be told that I don’t really have an eating disorder and don’t need help, after all, I’m not underweight.

I also had a visit from A, the Community Mental Health Nurse this morning. She asked about me appearing on the media about my experiences of ED treatment in hospital, which made for an interesting conversation. She mentioned she didn’t actually see the segment when it aired on TV, but was told by other staff about it. “Which staff?” I asked her, curious to know. “Oh I couldn’t remember names,” she replied. I told her a friend was advocating for better ED treatment in the eastern states, she asked me whether I was interested in talking about my experiences so I did. A asked me what I wanted to see so I told her- a dedicated inpatient ED program like they have in the children’s hospital, for hospital to also address long term recovery and psychological aspects instead of simply force feeding, and for there to be a step down, like a day program, so that people aren’t just going straight from hospital to home with no support.

2 thoughts on “Assessment appointment for ED treatment

  1. First, you totally deserve recovery. No matter where you are in your recovery you always deserve treatment. Second, that idea is great. I wish treatment was better and more like that because it is hard when you restore weight and they just stop caring.

  2. Hey. Be careful with CCI, they’re great if you get a good clinician, but if you are non-compliant, lose weight a couple of sessions in a row, or are even slightly medically compromised they will not hesitate to kick you out. For that reason, losing weight before your assessment appointment isn’t the greatest idea, as they may not accept you. This is because they’re an outpatient service only, so they take their duty of care very seriously. I think it’s because they’ll have to answer to another service and explain how a patient deteriorated in their care. So, it’s a fantastic service if you’re extremely willing and compliant, but just try to comply or you may end up feeling like you’ve been given up on.

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