NG tube & put under Mental Health Act

I was reviewed by the doctors yesterday and as I was still not eating as much as they’d like, not drinking all of the Ensures and not gaining any weight, I was told I’d be made an involuntary patient under the Mental Health Act and they’d feed me through a nasogastric tube. Of course, upon hearing this news I was both upset and angry, and slammed my door on the way into my room.

When the nurse came to get me to get the tube put in, I refused. I remained sat on the bed crying. She tried convincing me to come to the treatment room to get it in, then after a while she went and said she’d have to consult with the team on what to do. A couple of people came in and tried to talk me into it, at that point I was sobbing heavily and feeling utterly powerless and terrified. They ended up restraining me to do it- I was moved from my bed into a chair, with a nurse on either side of me holding down my arms, a nurse at the back of me holding my head, while a fourth nurse inserted the NG tube up my nostril and down my throat. The sensation was awful, having a tube forcibly shoved inside you, while you scream yet you’re powerless to stop it. Having the tube in feels like you’re choking every time you swallow. I now also am being specialled on one to one nursing.

I was pretty out of it yesterday having twice been given 1mg lorazepam as well as my usual Seroquel. Unfortunately that resulted in the NG tube coming out sometime during the night, without my intending to do so. I don’t even know how it happened- whether it came out accidentally, whether I pulled it out in my state of semi consciousness… But it means I’m going to have to go through the pain of having the NG tube put in again, as if once wasn’t bad enough. 😦

5 thoughts on “NG tube & put under Mental Health Act

  1. It’s SO difficult to give you advice because when we are sick, we don’t necessarily understand or know what is best for us. I’m not saying that I am ‘all knowing’ about your situation but in previous posts where you spoke about your BMI, I must say that did kind of prove as it were, that your weight could be dangerous for you and that’s the last thing that you, us and the professionals want to happen.

    Nevertheless, being restrained like that and having a tube put in must be awful and I don’t take anything away from that. I’ve struggled with two male nurses before, one on each arm and it wasn’t pleasant. Well that happened twice actually.

    I hope I don’t come across as being horrible or that you’ll want to block me because what I am saying, I honestly am concerned for you and if you haven’t been managing to eat and at least put on a tad bit of weight, then I guess they are forced to do it via the tube.

    I really wish you well and hope that unpleasant experiences are kept to a minimum for you.

    Take care.

  2. Hi.
    Sorry things are so bad right now. As an ex-nurse I’ve put in a lot of NG tubes. In all honesty, I never gave much thought to how it must feel for the patient. It was usually something that just needed to be done. That changed a bit recently when my mom needed one. Sometimes I believe medical personnel would be more empathetic if they themselves had to undergo the procedures they force on others. Best wishes. Doc.

  3. I’m sorry you’re going through this. They did the same thing to me (ITO + tube) and I know how absolutely awful it is. It might take a bit but you will get used to the physical sensation of the tube…. mentally though, it’s always so hard, I’m sorry.

    Hang in there x

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