Intro to Group

Today I had my last session of the four week long Introduction to Group Therapy program. I’m glad it’s over because I have actually gained nothing from going. The content consisted of basic CBT, particularly in relation to depression and anxiety. I feel like I’ve done CBT to death, both as a patient and as a university student. I don’t find CBT helpful and it didn’t benefit me to hear all over again stuff I already knew. I probably spent more time tuning out than in. Apparently I wasn’t the only one bored though- another guy actually fell asleep and started snoring today.

The one positive thing though is yay, I’ve completed it. Which means I can now go on to the intermediate group of Emotional Regulation before then progressing to DBT. I was told yet again when I saw the psychiatric registrar this week that DBT is what will help me- I guess we’ll see.

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