Pdoc appt at A St

I had an outpatient appointment scheduled yesterday with the psychiatrist registrar who was my doctor whilst I was inpatient. Unlike a year ago where I cancelled my follow up appointment after being discharged from M St, I actually did attend this time. It was a little disheartening to be back in the A St outpatients department, when I was prepared a year ago to never have to step back in there again. It was a short appointment. He asked whether I’d ended up getting 25mg quetiapine to use as PRN, to which I replied he didn’t, as I’d said before that it makes me too drowsy. He then asked what other medications I’ve had before as PRN. I told him I’ve had lorazepam before which at least doesn’t make me drowsy, but it seems as though he doesn’t want to give me benzos. He suggested propranolol instead which he explained is a beta blocker but can be used for anxiety. I’m a bit skeptical about using a beta blocker for anxiety, but I guess I’ll see…

He’s told me that even though I could probably just be managed by a GP, apparently E St (group program) require that clients are also be seen as an outpatient by someone at A St. It is for that reason that he said I will be referred to a community registrar, who will probably see me every 2-3 months. Well why even bother then, if as he said, I can just be seen by a GP? I don’t want to be given a psychiatrist appointment if they don’t feel like I need it, more that they are obligated to if I am to attend groups at E St. I’m beginning to feel that familiar temptation to sever all contact with mental health services again to save everyone the bother… Even though I know I’m being hypersensitive to this, being told I don’t really need to see a psychiatrist there feels a bit like rejection and my instinctive reaction to this is to reject their services first. Dammit brain, stop being so BPD 😦

One thought on “Pdoc appt at A St

  1. At least it sounds like the mental health system is finally giving you some opportunities.
    I’d recommend the groups programs – they’re not the most fun sounding type of therapy, but I’ve found them really helpful. And it’s not just the therapy; meeting and listening to others who have similar experiences and can provide support is invaluable.
    Take the psychiatrist appointments; just on the off chance that you might get a doctor that you like and is helpful for you. (While many psychiatrists are frankly, dicks; some of them are actually genuine people who want to help.)
    And the beta blocker will help subdue the “fight or flight’ response from your autonomic nervous system, dampening the system and giving you a bit of subjective control when you feel anxious or upset. I’ve never tried, but physiologically it makes sense.
    Hope things go well for you and you feel better soon, you’ve been going so well, it’s just a matter of time before you feel better again.

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