One year

So I don’t quite know how it happened…but it seems it has been an entire year since I’d last taken a trip to the emergency department, been admitted to hospital or even taken an overdose. Okay, so I know for most people they manage not to do that ever so it shouldn’t really be such an achievement, but for me it is. Those who’ve followed my journey on this blog for some time may recall a girl who was quite consumed with her mental health issues. Who, for the past three or so years prior, could not go more than four or five months without overdosing and ending up in the ED. To be honest I’m not even entirely sure how this year happened, but here I am.

That’s not to say I don’t still struggle. I most certainly do. There are times when I still contemplate overdosing and that ending it all may be easier. Certain things and situations still will trigger me. At times I still self harm. There are times when I miss and long to receive the support of a mental health professional, and feel envious of those who do. But all in all, compared to how I used to be, I think I’m going okay. I just hope it continues not just for one year, but for many, many years.

5 thoughts on “One year

  1. “I think I’m going okay” You’re doing far far better than mere okay! So pleased for you, and what an achievement. But also it’s a big thing to recognise and acknowledge that you still struggle – it’s that continuum thing. We’re all on it, just some slide more up and down it than others. And sliding down does not equal failure or failing, just need a push to remind yourself of the mentally health activities/resources to use.

    Keep going!

    nb hmmmm, reading those last few sentences I’ve written, I should follow my wisdom myself!!!

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