I went out to lunch today with my family and relatives. My auntie reported to us that my two cousins have been getting acupuncture, one to treat his acne and the other to treat her eczema. She then informed my mother and I that acupuncture can also be used to treat depression. “Oh,” I said, and didn’t comment further. “Are you still taking medication?” my aunt asked. “Yes,” I confirmed. And I don’t feel the need to ditch my medication for a round of acupuncture either. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it I say. I’ll admit too that I’m a wuss and the idea of having needles stuck in me is very unappealing.

I remember at the beginning I was quite resistant to the idea of taking medication. However, I’ve now accepted that it probably does help somewhat, and it’s now just a part of my daily routine. Two tablets in the morning, one tablet at night.

I believe in Western medicine and there is proof in the clinical trials that have been conducted. I did study pharmacy at one point in my life after all. Although I am Chinese, I guess I’m a bad one, as I remain dubious about the efficacy of alternate therapies such as acupuncture. But hey, if my auntie and her children want to try acupuncture, all power to them. It will be interesting to see whether they notice an improvement. Meanwhile I will continue with my medication regimen.

6 thoughts on “Acupuncture

  1. Each to his own, really… I have a friend who swears by it, often thought about trying it myself, though for it would be as an adjunct, rather than a replacement of “mainstream” medicine. I guess even if it just a time when people can relax, it has worth, though being an exponent of martial arts puts me in an interesting position some of the stuff seems so out-there, but then other stuff you can experience and say “yes, this works”.

    It’s certainly all very interesting and I don’t think a faith in western medicine makes you a bad anything…

    Take care,

  2. There was actually a study done that compared acupunture compared to toothpicks, which delivers the same sensation. They found no difference between them.

  3. I’ve had acupuncture for relaxation which was quite pleasant, and also for pain relief for a repetitive strain injury in my wrist – which really helped. Not sure how I’d feel about having it for depression or other mental health issues…. think if I did would only use it as an add on, def wdn’t want to substitute it for medication or therapy. tho each to his/her own!

  4. Everyone has their own opinion, but I do believe in acupuncture and it is safer than many medications. For an illness, pain or stress, I will continue to try acupuncture first.

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