When I look back at 2012, my blog posts have been rather sparse in comparison to previous years. That’s probably not such a bad thing. When I’m well, my online life dwindles as I become more active in real life. There’s less of a need for me to vent and record every sordid detail of my life.

Reviewing the year that’s passed has in recent years caused me to feel dejected. However, though 2012 has brought its share of tough times, there have also been a number of instances where I’ve been proud of what I’ve achieved and grateful for what it has brought me.

In the beginning of the year Kobi, my little Maltese Shihtzu, came into my life. He’s my furry ball of joy who amuses me with his antics, keeps me company when I’m lonely, and comforts me by licking my tears away when I’m sad.

New people have come into my life. This year I made a group of friends in OT. I met my first boyfriend.

Despite many late nights, last minute assignments and freak outs, I passed both first semester and second semester of second year OT. I am now halfway through the course, with third year being the challenge in 2013.

In November, I turned 21 and spent in in the company of a group of friends. This was much more enjoyable than spending it with nurses, psychiatrists and patients in a psych ward.

This year has also been about striving for independence. I went on a holiday by myself for the first time. I finally received my drivers licence, even if it did take four driving tests before being able to do so. Through moving out, I now no longer have to live under my father’s rules and criticism and am free to live without fear at home.

For the greater proportion of the year, I’ve been managing without professional help bar the occassional GP visit to obtain scripts for my meds, and that’s been working out well for me. My last overdose, last ED and psych ward admission was back in March. That’s now almost ten months, the longest it’se been in years. I went five months without purging and an eating disorder is no longer an issue in my life.

Though mental health issues hasn’t been prominent in my life this year, I’ve still continued to be active and volunteer in the mental health sector. It still continues to be my passion, and I still very much enjoy it.

Here’s hoping 2013 is a good one.

2 thoughts on “2012

  1. I hope you have a year so full of good times that the associated memories block out all of the invevitible lows. I hope when you are doing your 2013 year in review post you’ve conqured and acheived everything you could hope for yourself for this coming year.

  2. I’m very glad to hear that 2012 was a better year for you, and this post was very helpful in allowing me to catch up! I can’t wait to read more about you as things continue to get better. Also, adopting a dog is the greatest thing in the world. I would be lost without mine.


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