Driving Permit Conditions

A couple of weeks ago when I went to get my driving Learner’s Permit renewed, I was told I had to get a medical done due to ticking the ‘Depression’ box and listing my medications Pristiq and Seroquel down. Went to see my GP, got the form filled out and I went back to the Licencing Centre this afternoon. Got my Learner’s Permit and noted two new ‘Permit Conditions’ listed in addition to the one I already had regarding wearing glasses/contacts while driving. “Medical certificate before renewal on 28/03/2015” one was. That’s three years away, so fine, whatever. The next one however made me laugh. “Take medication as prescribed by medical practitioner.” Lol umm, what? First they question my fitness to drive because of the medication I take. And now my Learner’s Permit states I have to take my meds.

I understand why that condition may be imposed on someone that has, say, epilepsy. Having a seizure whilst driving because you haven’t taken your medication, yeah, pretty dangerous. But I don’t quite see the relevance of the Department of Transport directing me that I must take my SNRI antidepressant medication and atypical antipsychotic daily as prescribed. And really, how are they going to know? As S tweeted to me, she’d find it quite amusing if a police officer pulled her over and asked whether she’s been taking her medication or not. So would I.

2 thoughts on “Driving Permit Conditions

  1. Those are the same two meds I used to take. Pristiq is miserable to get off should you ever stop taking it. FYI I found out people with depression have very low vitamin d. I had a blood test and my level was 4! It needs to be between 50-80 according to the world’s expert, Dr. Cannell, at the vitamin d council. GET YOUR LEVELS tested!! I started taking 4000 iu of vitamin d and felt a little better. Than I upped it to 14,000 iu and I was 100% cured of my clinical depression I had had for 10 years. I mean 100% cured. Dr. Cannell says you can take up to 40,000 iu of vitamin d a day for several months w/o worrying about toxicity. I am NOT saying to take any more than 14,000 iu, I just wanted to assure you it is safe, and if you do take even that much you want to have a blood tesedt every three months to make sure you maintain your blood level at around 80 (anything under 100 is fine according to Dr. Cannell) Just do yourself a favor and get your blood tested. I am willing to bet you are below 20 on your test…And if you ever ween off your meds Know to do it very, very slowing

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