4th year students

If all had gone smoothly at Uni, if I’d stuck to one degree and managed to pass everything, I’d be in fourth year right now. But alas, I’d failed, switched from pharmacy to OT and therefore am only in second year. What it means though is that people from primary and high school, people I started Uni with are now in fourth year. And for many, as it will be for me too, fourth year is placement year.

Yesterday a couple of med students had a chat with me. Fourth year med students. There’s only one medical school in my city and I have a couple of friends who study med. One of which is a good friend from primary school whom I still meet up with every once in a while. She had visited me last year in hospital too. And so I asked them whether they knew my two friends. They did. Upon finding out which high school I attended, they asked me if I knew one of their med colleagues who also went to my high school. I confirmed I did. Luckily for me, they didn’t go into any deep stuff regarding my mental health issues, apart from asking me what meds I’m on. Whether it’s because of the mutual friends thing I’m not sure, but I’m glad anyway.

When I first arrived on the ward, I saw who I presumed to be a student or admin staff. She looked a little familiar, but I couldn’t quite figure out why. It was only later when I saw her walking alongside the pharmacist that I realised. She’s a pharmacy student. Here on her rotation. And I had attempted the first year of pharmacy at Uni with her. In the ten or so days I’ve been here, I haven’t seen much of her around. Today though, she was in the nurses station doing work. After some consideration, I decided to speak to my nurse about making sure she did not read or have access to my file. I mean, even I dread to know and am too afraid to ever want to find out what’s been written about me. Let alone a former fellow student who may know me and does know some of my friends.

Sigh. How did this happen that all these people I studied with and were equal with are now in these positions of power?!

2 thoughts on “4th year students

  1. I know it’s scary but I promise you that students are bound by confidentiality. If you find out they have breached it you can lodge a report with AHPRA & prevent registration.

    But I completely understand. I nearly lost my mind when a med student from my uni was part of my treatment team the other week in emergency. I didn’t even know him.

    But please don’t be ashamed. It shouldn’t any different if you had diabetes or cancer or cardiovascular disease. We need more OTs like you’re going to be x

  2. It’s a little different in my case, but I completely understand your last paragraph. When I bother to endure Facebook, I see that all my school “friends” are consultants, computer scientists, journalists, teachers, etc etc etc. And here you and I and many others are – at least as intelligent as them, and probably more so – just being mental 😦

    If it was just us being idle or something, that would be bad enough – but the fact that we can’t help it, that we’ve had his shit forced upon us, sometimes makes it feel even worse.

    At the same time, though, as intravenoustherapy says, you have no reason to be ashamed. You didn’t choose this and you’re doing the best you can.

    Take care

    Pan xxx

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