Not on the DBT wait list

Is it really that much to ask that the hospital find out the eligibility criteria of a service before referring me? I spoke to D yesterday and apparently YRS is a mental health service for young people who are homeless. Which, living with my parents,  I am not. So it’s only now that a referral has been sent to A St, the adult community mental health service. Cool, why didn’t we find this out earlier so it could’ve been sent back in November instead?

In case you’re thinking the name ‘A St’ sounds familiar, yes it’s the same place that conducts the DBT program. The lady from YRS rang me back today. She reported she’d contacted A St to enquire about my status on the DBT wait list. Apparently I’m not even on the wait list any more. Umm, say what?! Maybe it’s my retribution for being so cynical and unenthusiastic about DBT, telling D yesterday I thought Linehan’s book “lame and patronising.” But I…lol, I don’t even know what to say any more in response to the inevitable debacle that occurs whenever I try to access mental health services.

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