Peeved at now ex-pdoc

I’m pissed off. I think I have a reason to be too. You would think if a psychiatrist dropped you as a patient, you’d at least be notified and told your appointment has been cancelled. But no.

I had suspected this was the case when my GP told me Dr T had suggested I’d do better at A St Clinic instead of seeing just one private psychiatrist. Also, when I asked, the hospital psychologist told me he got the impression Dr T wouldn’t be seeing me any more. But still, no one had told me outright.

I had previously had an appointment scheduled with Dr T for this Friday. Nobody had told me it was cancelled. Not my GP, not Dr T’s secretary… And so I called up today intending to cancel for the last time. I asked the secretary whether I was meant to have an appointment for this Friday. She took a moment to check the appointment book. “No, you don’t,” she informed me. “Okay then, thanks,” I replied, and quickly hung up. That’s humiliating. I’m embarrassed I called up only to find out I’ve been unceremoniously dropped. Then again, it’s lucky I did call. Turning up would’ve multiplied the humiliation factor by 1000. I should’ve just not turned up without calling. Surely they can’t charge a cancellation fee when you’re not even a patient any more? Actually what I should’ve done is followed my instinct the first time I met her and looked for a different psychiatrist then and there.

5 thoughts on “Peeved at now ex-pdoc

  1. urrghh how horrid! I think it’s disgraceful to drop you like that and not even bother to let you know! talk about adding to abandonment issues!? don’t they know we need gentle transitions when things ‘end’. I think you would be well within your rights to write a stinking complaint letter highlighting the risks of ending your treatment this way and how unprofessional this behaviour is – pdoc is a disgusting example of how ‘not’ to do it! 😦 :@

  2. If I were you, I’d write a nasty letter! It wouldn’t accomplish anything, but it would feel like it accomplish something. Seems like she would be aware of the care that needs to beken with people like us. But I can imagine some of my erstwhile icy, evil psychiatrists doing the same thing. The first thing I would think is maybe she was scared of what my reaction might be? But then, I know things are often not about me at all, even though that’s the first place my head goes … (oh god! that was such an incoherent comment! what must everyone think!)

  3. This is just disgusting behaviour on the psychiatrist’s part. You should have at least been told without just being dumped. I am sorry this has happened to you, it must be really hard. It’s probably for the best in the long run if she is like this, then she doesn’t deserve you as a patient. Try and be gentle with yourself over the next little while. Shocks like this can be really hard to deal with.

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