TWIM Awards & 2011 Stats

I am very much delighted and honoured to have won a TWIM Award again, this year in the Best Mood Disorder Blog category, especially amongst so many wonderfully written blogs in the Madosphere. So thank you very much to all those who voted for Behind the Facade and congrats to all the other winners!

TWIM 2011 Award Winner Bade


And because I have nothing better to post it’s so, umm, interesting…here is my stats summary for 2011. According to the report, this blog was viewed 38 000 times last year with the busiest day being December 6th with 291 views. To other bigger and better blogs, the numbers are probably nothing, but for my humble blog, I’m rather impressed! Oddly, or not, most viewers were from the UK, despite me living in Australia. I guess this reflects how outnumbered I am in terms of where Madosphere members are located in the world!

Thanks to the top commenters listed in the report, and thanks to all who read my blog, whether you comment or lurk 🙂

7 thoughts on “TWIM Awards & 2011 Stats

  1. Congratulations :o) I’ve read a number of your posts but haven’t always got the courage to comment…I admire how genuine you are, and how honest you are about your struggles, and I can relate to alot of what you write…I’ve struggled with anxiety/depression/eating disorders for what feels like forever, have been in counselling for years, and have spent time in a psych ward before too…Anyway, just wanted to say congrats! You deserve the award :o)

  2. Congrats for the award my friend and I really doubt you are any crazier than many Aussie’s I know and love. They are pretty nutty too, me included 😉

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