My (non) referral to YL & no more Dr T?

I had believed the hospital had sent a referral for me to attend YL, the youth counselling agency, when I was discharged. That’s what the doctor told me before I left, that’s what D, the hospital psychologist, has led me to believe for the past three weeks. Today however, D told me this wasn’t the case. This error was only realised yesterday and so it is only now an ‘urgent referral’ has been sent. “How come?” I asked him. He replied something to do with ‘hospital procedures.’ Right. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I should be much acquainted by now with how inefficient the mental health system can be. I’m lucky I have a GP who takes action in ensuring I am linked in with mental health services, and I’m lucky the hospital has made allowances for me to continue seeing D temporarily as an outpatient. Otherwise this error may not have even been picked up and I would have fallen through the cracks and been left with no support. It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.

At the end of the session, D assured me that he can continue seeing me until I start with YL, and I also have Dr L, my GP. It didn’t escape my attention however that he had failed to mention a certain someone. “So is Dr T not seeing me any more?” I enquired. “That’s the impression I get,” he confirmed. Great, well it’s nice of people to explicitly tell me these things. I would’ve thought it’d be kinda important for me to know that the woman who’s been my psychiatrist for the past 1.5 years is now…not. I actually had an appointment scheduled with Dr T for the 20th of January. Do I now cancel it for the third; and last time? A year ago the belief that Dr T was going to stop seeing me as a patient was enough to prompt me to overdose. But now…I think maybe it’s for the best. The number of times I’ve left her office feeling more upset and at times suicidal… And I also suspect she declined to treat me as a patient when they were looking to admit me to a private psych hospital from the ED.

According to D, YL have psychiatrists. On their website though, it states, ‘The team is staffed by clinical psychologists, social workers and community mental health nurses.’ No mention of psychiatrists. If I’m right, the prospect of potentially not having a psychiatrist worries me a bit. But then again, lots of people with mental health issues manage without a psychiatrist, right?

8 thoughts on “My (non) referral to YL & no more Dr T?

  1. I think it’s despicable that Dr T hasn’t even informed you of your discharge, can’t work out if it’s laziness, fear, or an oversight, but whatever, the ending of a therapeutic relationship is as important as any other stage. Besides imagine the embarrassment all round if you’d turned up to your appointment unknowingly and had that dumped on you by the receptionist.

    I agree though, that perhaps it is for the best in the long-run, given that you never really seemed to “click” with her anyway. And I wouldn’t worry to much about whether there are psychiatrists on the team or not as all they really seem to do is handle meds, which other team members can usually cover (certainly in the UK, mh nurses do take over these responsibilities in some teams and there’s always your GP, who might feel more comfortable prescribing, if she feels she has support and back-up over her decisions), and you might find you get a more diverse range of input because of all the different professions and ways of viewing things, so might be able to build a whole package of things that help.

    Take care.

  2. Ouch. Even if there wasn’t a good rapport, I would have been hurt to learn I’d been dumped by someone who was supposed to be helping me. Glad you seem positive though, or at least upbeat and moving forward.

  3. Can you check that you in fact have been dumped? You only heard this second hand by D, is it possible D could be wrong? At the least could you call the consulting suites and ask them what the hell is going on? I would want a definite answer, not a maybe. If Dr T has indeed stopped seeing you, then I guess you need to decide whether or not to find another dr or if you are going to just see your GP and psychologists/therapists and YL. In any case I am thinking of you. There is nothing worse than feeling rejected by someone like that. I don’t think it’s fair to you, even if you didn’t like her much.

  4. agree with Sarah. If she has declined to keep seeing you, can GP prescribe meds with psychologist support, and if necessary refer to a psychiatrist? it sucks that they’re not just letting you know straightforwardly.

  5. Honestly, that’s not right. She can’t just drop you without telling you, surely?! But you’re right, loads of people hardly ever see psychiatrists when it can be managed elsewhere, so your GP may still be able to do the prescribing with guidance from other people. Stay positive xx

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