What’s happening re: my mental health care?

Went to see Dr L today for a follow up from last week’s appointment. It seems as though her and my psychiatrist had a lovely tête-à-tête on the phone about me. Nothing was brought up by Dr L today about me having an earlier appointment with my psychiatrist before January 20th, when my next appointment is meant to be. Either Dr T can’t fit me in, doesn’t think I need to see her or doesn’t want to see me. Meh.

Tidbits of information I was given about the aforementioned phone conversation between them is that Dr T told Dr L I:

  • tend to self harm more when I’m stressed;
  • have been warned before about the legal issues of stealing medications from my old workplace to OD on, especially as a student health professional
  • may benefit more from attending ASC (public outpatient mental health service) where they have psychiatrists and psychologists, rather than just seeing one psychiatrist.

Dr L also wrote a letter for me to give to the hospital psychologist I’m seeing:

At this point I’m not sure what’s happening in regards to my mental health care. I don’t know if Dr T is suggesting I see a different psychiatrist instead of her, I don’t know if I will get referred to ASC, I don’t know if/when the youth counselling service the hospital has referred me to will take me on. I’m not even meant to be seeing D, the hospital psychologist, as he’s really only meant to work with inpatients. I’m just lucky allowances have been made for me to continue seeing him as an outpatient until another psychologist is able to work with me.

3 thoughts on “What’s happening re: my mental health care?

  1. I know it’s hard but can you ask one of them what is going on rather than ending up guessing and making yourself stressed out when you might not need to be. I find it hard to ask too but I guess I figure I have nothing to lose in situations like that. Just a thought. Hope you are doing okay!

  2. Confusing first of all. Secondly, what is with the writing style? You’d never know this was one professional to another. Shuffle shuffle shuffle it seems. It’d be nice if people were just more upfront, but I guess like Sarah said, you could ask?

  3. no wonder you’re confused!!!….. but like Sarah and sanityisknocking suggest, perhaps you need to take a deep breath and ask what’s going on. Not an easy task, but would probably save you a lot of worry in the meantime, that’s assuming that someone DOES know what’s happening.
    Take care

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