GP Appointment

I visited my GP today asking for scripts for the Pristiq and Seroquel. She didn’t provide them to me. Instead, she rang up Dr T’s office requesting an ‘urgent appointment’ for me as I haven’t seen her since August and don’t have an appointment until January. ‘Urgent appointment’? But I’m fineeeeee. I’ve been doing okay since discharge; I’m still seeing the hospital psychologist until the youth counselling agency picks me up, I’ve gotten through my exams and even managed to pass all my first year units.

GP had a conversation with the secretary in which she was told I had ‘missed a few appointments’. Missed a few appointments? I called up and cancelled two for legitimate reasons! Once when I had uni stuff on, and once because I was in the psych ward. I was told by GP that I must give these appointments priority over uni, going out with friends, and basically everything else. GP told the secretary, “She’s asking for these antipsychotics and I don’t feel comfortable giving them to her.” It doesn’t help either that it seems the hospital didn’t send the discharge letter through to my GP and so she has no documentation of what medication I’m on. The only correspondence she has received is from the Emergency Department, detailing my overdose/s.

And so, I’ve been told she is waiting for Dr T to call her back to see if I can get in to see her. I will then be notified of whether she can or not, and if not, GP will provide me enough meds to tide me over until I see Dr T. I’m feeling rather apprehensive about seeing Dr T again, terrified of how she’ll react and what she will say of my most recent overdoses and subsequent hospitalisation and worried about whether she’s willing to continue prescribing me the Seroquel or not.

6 thoughts on “GP Appointment

  1. That is so annoying! 😦

    Try not to worry about seeing Dr T, I’m sure she’ll only be interested in helping you. And, I hope that you get the medication sorted, it’s horrible being without things you need.
    Take care xx

  2. UGH. Sometimes the healthcare professionals piss me off. I’m sure things will even out for you though!! You’re strong and can get through this!!!


  3. Hope you can get this sorted without being forced into withdrawal – I think sometimes doctors don’t realise the impact they have, particularly when they decide to “wait” on things.

    I’m sure Dr T will be fine though, but can understand your anxiety about it. Hope everything gets sorted soon.

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