Off Specials

I was placed off specials this morning. Huzzah! I am no longer being watched 24/7, with a nurse constantly by my side, following me everywhere I go. There was two of us on specials in the past few days. While I was placed off specials, the other man was too, but only because he was being transferred to a more secure unit. I recall the registrar warning me only a few days ago about being put in a secure locked unit and ‘having my rights taken away.’ While I feel bad for the other man, I must say I’m glad our positions weren’t reversed. Surely I’m not that unwell anyhow. Much of the time I feel as though I’m not sick enough to be in hospital, let alone being specialled or placed in a locked ward.

My Pristiq has been raised from 150mg to 200mg. I’ve also been taking Seroquel as PRN for anxiety and sleep, and for the past few days I’ve been having 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night.

I’ve been here for almost two weeks now, and I expressed to my nurse and the doctor today that I’m sick of hospital and want to go home. I’ve been told the consultant, whom I’ve only met once thus far, will review me on Monday. Tomorrow I have overnight leave and will return to the ward on Sunday. I think that’s probably a bit of a better option compared to being suddenly thrown into the big wide world again.

4 thoughts on “Off Specials

  1. Just found your blog, and relate to so much of what you are saying – I am only a few years older than you, and also studying at Uni at the mo (to be a Children’s Nurse) – it’s HARD WORK trying to keep up with a degree when a lot of the time all your energy is taken up with the battle going on in your own head, as well as fighting the urge to SH. You’ve done well coming off specials – best of luck with your review on Monday, I’ll check back to see how you’re getting on… Really love your blog, thank you for being so open & sharing your experiences online. Take Care X

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