ED again a week later

If you’ve been on Twitter lately and find me interesting enough to follow, you may already have some clue. But for those who don’t, basically I OD’d again. It was the forth one in the past couple of weeks but only the second in terms of landing my arse in the ED because of it.

You can rest assured you’ll be hearing the whole sordid story once I get on a computer…but for now, here’s some photos of where I am to keep you entertained:







5 thoughts on “ED again a week later

  1. Sorry to hear that things are shit at the moment 😦 That ward looks pretty clean for a psych ward though! From twitter I assume that you’ve got private health insurance & are planning on moving to a private hospital soon? Sending love xx

  2. It’s strange seeing how different your ward is from the ones I’ve been on! Hope you’re okay lovely, thinking of you and sending lots of hugs. I hope you can get out of there soon xx

  3. hope things improve for you very very soon. keep up some meaningful occuptaion!!! (and sorry, but od-ing doesn’t count!!!)
    big hug. tag

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