Hell if you suicide?

Is there life after death? Do those who complete suicide automatically earn a one way ticket to hell? When I’m contemplating suicide, that too is what I also consider.

Though officially Catholic, I’m not particularly religious. I haven’t prayed nor been to church in goodness knows how long. I’m unsure if I believe in God and all the teachings of the church. What if though? What if there really is a heaven and a hell and our faith (or lack of) is what determines where we go? I have to admit, the possibility petrifies me. What if I end my life on earth only to end up in a place a thousand times worse, for eternity? A hundred years suddenly doesn’t seem that long in comparison.

So is it worth the risk? A part of me says yes, a part of me says no. But either way there’s doubts. Unfortunately there’s really only one sure way of finding out the truth to this question.

9 thoughts on “Hell if you suicide?

  1. BtF – I’m concerned about you. I can’t help but wonder whether there’s an underlying message in this post. Any chance you could check-in with us to let us know you’re still around?

    LF 🙂

  2. ((hugs)) I am firmly atheistic and believe this is it and that sometimes that may not be enough. Sorry, that’s a bit of a sobering thought. How are you getting on after ythe other day? Be safe please.

  3. I am sending you prayers and hope you find peace soon. Please try to see yourself for the wonderful precious life that you are, and so deserving of a life free from emotional pain.

  4. BtF, I really hope you don’t end up checking firsthand. I’ve also got to say, the idea that suicide results in automatic eternal damnation is NOT in alignment with the Bible (I know Catholics have some other things they go on but I’m not Catholic so I’ll stick with what I know). Let’s say for argument that’s your source of information. You get lists of the types of people who won’t get into heaven: sinners. Then the Bible says we are ALL sinners, which renders the other distinctions irrelevant to eternal life. The God of the Bible is a God who extends love and forgiveness to all us imperfect beings. If you want specific verses, let me know and I’ll try to help, ok?

  5. Please, please stop toying with the idea of suicide! Life does get better, and the world needs the unique perspective you bring. There is no one else like you – no one who can replace you.
    Please make a decision to move on with your life. You have the strength inside yourself and so much to contribute and experience – even if you do not realize this now.
    If you keep thinking of suicide as a possible solution for your problems, there is a chance that in a weak or sad moment you might do it. What a loss that would be for the world 😦
    Please set this idea aside. Xx

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