Goodbye R, I quit therapy.

I think I may have suddenly and unceremoniously concluded with my psychologist today. :/

Last session with her was three weeks ago. We usually schedule appointments at the end, but at the close of this particular session, she asked me when I wanted to come in next. I ummed and ahhed and shrugged and said I didn’t know. She then suggested thinking about it and phoning or texting her. I shook my head no, knowing that would be the end of therapy with her if I took that option. We then decided on three weeks later. That was meant to be this Saturday, but I have a genuine reason for cancelling. So I picked up my mobile, texting her with ‘Hi R, I’m not able to make it for the appointment this Saturday so I’d like to cancel please. -WFH.’ I received a text back from her saying ‘No worries WFH.’ …And that’s it.

So where to from here? Well I’m not planning on contacting her to schedule an appointment. And I’m pretty sure neither is she. So um, goodbye R?

A part of me is relieved I guess. The past several weeks I had begun to think of ways to end therapy with her. I’ve been finding therapy useless, and similar to my previous psychologist, I’m not really feeling a connection. This makes it somewhat easier for me.

It also makes me a little uneasy. I’ve generally been going okay, besides the odd bad day here and there. But what if things do go downhill? I’m only seeing Dr T, my psychiatrist, once every few months. That’s it. So in the case of a crisis, I have erm, no one.

That being said, I refuse to go back to therapy. I’ve had enough of it. Three different psychologists in the past three years and I’ve gotten no where. I’m not doing it again. I’m not going to try someone new. Especially not with the cuts to Better Access, with our sessions restricted to ten per year. It’s far too frustrating. Having to retell your story all over again. Having to start a whole new relationship again. Having to start from scratch again. I suspect Dr T may have something to say about this, as she’s always been quite firm in her recommendation that I attend regular therapy. Well that’s just too bad because I refuse. Therapy, I quit.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye R, I quit therapy.

  1. Having never had therapy, I view it as a rosy kind of cure all but nothings ever that simple is it? If you weren’t gaining anything from the experience, I suppose there’s little point in continuing with it.

  2. You’ll still have your current (now former?) therapist if you really have an emergency–just because you aren’t a regular patient doesn’t mean you can’t still have an occasional appointment if you feel the need.

    Therapy can be helpful, but it can also make us dependent and keep us in a rut. I hope that this change is positive for you.

  3. I wish you’d had a better experience. I think therapy can be very helpful but if there isn’t a connecting relationship with the therapist, it’s pretty much impossible! I agree with Scarlett, you aren’t really alone. You can still call R in an emergency since you haven’t officially told her to bug off.

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  5. Why have i only just seen this!? 😦

    I agree with you Btf. Therapy for me just did nothing. If there isnt a ‘click’, if it doesnt work, then why go through the pain? People say that with shitty experiences we are supposed to discuss in therapy, its like a splinter, you have to take it out, even though it hurts in order to heal yourself. But if the therapist isnt ‘getting’ it, or its just not working, then why leave yourself exposed and raw if you cant guarentee you will have the right support to heal it?

    I think there are other ways of recover. Lots of them. Traditional therapy works for some, which is great, but it did bugger all for me.

    You seem to have been very sensible and composed about your decision, and it hasnt been done in the heat of something. So maybe its just the right thing for you at this time.

    Hope you are well Hun. xxx

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