Australian Story- Brand New Day

I was watching Australian Story last night and this particular episode featured Gavin Larkin. He is one of the founders of R U OK? Day, a suicide prevention initiative which aims to promote the message that by simply asking someone, “R U OK?” you could potentially save a life. It was a very moving and sad episode.

His father completed suicide and at the present, Larkin himself has lymphoma which is unable to be treated. He is expected to survive just weeks or months from now. There’s something of a cruel irony in his situation. His father took his life and yet here he is fighting and losing the battle for his.This prompted me to ponder how oddly the world works. There are people who are so desperate to live but destined to die. Then there are those of us who are so desperate to die but despite our greatest intents and attempts, live. I wonder why this is so. Are we all victims of the cruel joker named ‘Life’? Or is there a greater reason so many of us who want to die survive? That’s probably something we’ll never know…but I do hope there is a reason I’m meant to be here.

4 thoughts on “Australian Story- Brand New Day

  1. *weird*. a storyline on Neighbours at present is some guy about to cark it and the realisation he won’t be leaving hospital so just a couple of hours ago I was thinking that my own deathwish -of planning my own last days around coping rather than mourning now-impossible dreams- was at odds to that. (OK, that’s fiction, and soap fiction, too which makes it worse- I only cope watching neighbours for the outside shots and Melbourne accents).

    I’ts *awesome* that you’re hoping there’s a reason for you to be here. Wouldn’t have thought you’d post something like that a few weeks back (or whenever it was- my sense of time has gone awry).

  2. I tend to think that too. Unfortunately when things get too bad I sometimes lose faith and hope. I’m glad you are feeling it and hope the feeling stays and that it does work out and you were meant for something, whatever that something is.

  3. Oftentimes I wish I could give my life, which I so frequently don’t really want, over to someone else who wants to live, but within a matter of short time, will not be able to do so. It seems like such a cruel waste, that they should be denied their life whilst I get to continue to ‘live’ mine.

    Sorry. My own nihilism doesn’t help. Did you happen to catch Lori from RRSAHM‘s bit for R U OK? She gives a moving discussion about her husband’s suicide for the initiative. Before she did the film, she had an interesting post on the terms she was advised to use for the project – for example, ‘committed suicide’ was discouraged as it sounds likes its criminalising the act of suicide, thus stigmatising it further. I’ve never been a big believer in re-phrasing myself for what I consider politically correct reasons, but if it helps destigmatise suicide and mental health problems, then bring it on.

    I think this is a fabulous initiative. There’s a lot of things here in the UK about encouraging people to speak about mental health and psychological problems, but very little mainstream material that is so willing to bring up the subject of suicide. As I believe you’ve argued in the past, it’s time we were all much, much more open about it. Kudos to those behind this 🙂

    Take care x

    • Thanks for the links, just went and had a look at it. It’s awesome there are so many people getting behind this.

      I have been taught at the Mental Health First Aid training I did not to use the term ‘committed suicide’ because it stems from the days where it broke the law to do so. Instead, we’ve been told to use ‘completed suicide’ which I try to remember to do.


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