Pdoc has a new role?

Oh. Woah. So apparently my psychiatrist, Dr T, has taken over as the new Director of the Eating Disorders Program at TH Clinic, where I was inpatient a couple of months ago. I learnt this through Facebook stalking those whom I met in hospital during that time.

I’ve begun worrying about the implications this will have on us outpatients. Will she cut back on the number of her case loads? Will she then have less time for us? Anxiety has also started settling in. Fears of being abandoned and people not being there when I need them. Exacerbated by a remark made by my psychologist last week when she revealed she’s now only got three appointment slots per week due to a new parenting group she’s facilitating on Saturday afternoons for several weeks.

I was doing okay before. Up until a week ago when I felt my moods taking a plunge. Then this news, this just makes it worse. Oh how I loathe that I take abandonment, or even the possibility of abandonment, so badly. This is terrible timing. I can’t afford to fall right now. Not when I have uni and study to take care of. Not when I have fieldwork to attend, in which we must write a three page essay in its place if for any reason we’re not able to attend on our allocated days. And especially not when my ‘help’ may not be around to help very much currently.

It was interesting to note that on the aforementioned Facebook post, she wrote, ‘Apparently [Dr T] is nice.’ Another person I communicated with on Twitter said her friends who also had Dr T found her okay.  Given the number of gripes I have about her, maybe I should do us all a favour and find another psychiatrist. Then those who do find her ‘nice’ can have her, and it’s looking as though she’s going to spend a greater proportion of her time working with the ED patients anyway. With any luck I may actually find a psychiatrist I like and get along with. Third time lucky and all… Not to mention I’d much rather be the rejector as opposed to the rejectee.

11 thoughts on “Pdoc has a new role?

  1. Maybe it is a sign you should find someone else if you can face that. Being able to get on with the people you’re working with is so important. I’m sure Dr T wouldn’t just abandon you though whatever you decide. Maybe if she is busy, she could help you find someone new?

  2. Try not to jump to conclusions about being abandoned– we don’t know whether Dr. T will cut back on her outpatient availability. But if you truly don’t like her then maybe you can look for another psychiatrist. But don’t let your motivation for making a change be fear of abandonment– that’s letting your anxiety make decisions for you.

    Stay strong, BtF. This seems to be a rough time but I have no doubt that you will be able to get through it.

    Wishing you well,

  3. Is this the same therapist that you didn’t feel she was helping a lot?

    From the looks of it I think you should find another therapist. There are plenty out there that do a great job.

    Don’t worry. You’ll get your help, your support, back. It’s going to be just fine.

    One step at a time, right?

  4. I would research new psychiatrists but honestly, you should just ask her before you do anything. Worst thing that will happen is that she’ll tell you what you fear. At least then you know for sure and can move on if you want. I agree with NOS that you shouldn’t let your anxiety rule the day. Ask first, then decide.

  5. I know what you mean about being the rejector rather than the rejectee. I do that all the time. Then I don’t feel the abandonment. I so get that!

  6. I am the same. I get very upset over potential abandonment.

    Maybe you should change if you truly don’t like her. This stuff only seems to work if you get on well with your team.

    Take care! xo

  7. i agree with all the above about the adandonment part being crap. I’m struggling wi loads of that right now. but equally, I know I’ve had psyc drs in past that I ‘thought’ were ok, but actually when they changed (either i moved out of their catchment area or they changed catchment area boundaries – grrrr!) several times I actually got much better deal. And my last really good psyc dr was amazing! understood where I was coming from and v supportive. anyhow she’s retired now :o( so it could be a good change for you.

    but as prozac blogger says, one step at a time… that’s for psyc stuff and uni – including fieldwork allocation days… (and now I need to repeat that to myself sevral times!!!)

    best wishes

  8. I know what you mean. I had intended to ask you about your experience with Pdocs at the clinic, as I have an appt with a guy there in a couple of months. According to my GP (who is very lovely) this guy, Dr J is pretty nice. I think it’s definitely worth checking out the options to see someone else if it’s not working out well with her.

    • By Dr J, do you mean Dr J*****n? A few of the other patients at THC had him as their doctor and I’m quite sure they find him okay. Another person who randomly found my blog has Dr J too after having another pdoc and finds him good. I haven’t heard anything bad about him anyway!

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