It’s bizarre…

…how small the world really is.

In this post, C commented that she thought she knew who my psychiatrist was. Later on we DMed each other on Twitter and I asked who she thought my pdoc was. She got it right on the first go. Apparently she came to my blog through a comment I made on another blog. I’m amazed at the coincidence of her finding my blog and having been inpatient at The H Clinic too where I was, though she was on the Eating Disorders Program. The reason she knows Dr T is because a couple of her friends have her. Apparently they find Dr T okay. Guess it’s just me then. Haha.

It gets even better too.

I searched her email address on Facebook and it turns out we have a couple of friends in common, two people I worked with at H Prison Pharmacy. I noticed C’s surname is the same as one of our mutual friends M. And then it clicked.

At work I used to bring a small salad for lunch. M noticed this and asked my aunt (who also works at the pharmacy) to warn me against eating so little. I guess M felt it’s not in her place to do so herself. And so my aunt told me of M’s relative who was very skinny, ate very little, ended up in hospital for months with weakened bones or something or rather and as a consequence fell behind at Uni. All this to warn me and scare me into eating more. Or something. I guess.

How extremely bizarre that many months later, by chance I’d meet online the very person M and my aunt were warning me not to become.

I haven’t told C of my discovery in our DMs. I’d imagine it’s not exactly thrilling to be used as an example of how NOT to end up. And besides, I don’t want to risk having my identity revealed to people I know in real life. But just…wow. My city and the internet feels really tiny sometimes. Gotta be careful online!