GP Appointment For Referral

This morning I paid a visit to the GP. A completely new medical practice and new GP, seeing as the one I saw last year has toddled off to go practice elsewhere. A discharge summary had been handed to me from The H Clinic to provide to my GP, and besides which, I needed to obtain a new referral to Dr T as twelve months have passed since I first started seeing her. This time a year ago, I would have never envisioned I’d be asking for a second referral…after that shocker of an appointment, I was so ready to bolt from her rooms and never come back. But I did, and here I am now.

A questionnaire was given to me to be filled upon arrival at the medical centre. The standard; name, address, date of birth, Medicare number, etc etc… On the reverse however, were questions based around our medical history. All were left blank except the one regarding current medications and the one asking, Do you have a history of mental illness? Please list. Please list? I almost laughed. Ahh, let’s see…. I debated whether to put down ‘eating issues’ and ‘social anxiety’ or not. In the end I listed down; depression, anxiety, eating issues. I do still binge and purge after all, but decided anxiety can encompass social anxiety too.

The actual appointment went alright. It turns out Dr L, the GP I saw today, was childhood friends with Dr T. I was told a story of them playing together as children, and one of them being bitten by the other. Hard to imagine doctors were once children too. Small world huh?

Dr L asked what makes me happy, besides taking medication. Not that taking medication does make me happy. But anyway. I responded with a shrug and an “I don’t know.” I was then told that besides ‘popping pills’ I should find a hobby, do some exercise such as yoga or Zumba. In which I just nodded and made the right noises at the correct intervals.

“I don’t bite, BtF! I’m just very loud,” she exclaimed at one point. I was a bit puzzled. Did I seem intimidated? It’s only later I realise my pulse also taken while she took my blood pressure. Reading my observations she had included in the referral letter, my resting heart rate was recorded at 96 beats/minute. That’s almost tachycardic! Which I suppose gave away the anxiety I was actually feeling.

This new referral is valid for another twelve months so I’m glad I don’t have to visit a GP for my mentalism for at least another year! Well, unless Dr T decides to discharge me back to the care of a GP.

2 thoughts on “GP Appointment For Referral

  1. I hate those forms! I always feel like the person who reads it will think I’m a nutcase.

    I think your GP was right to suggest a hobby, but I don’t think hobbies are necessarily panaceas. They help, definitely, but rarely do they cure disease. But still, I think you should go for it! Maybe you’ll find something you’ll like!

    Wishing you well,

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