Med changes & Uni accommodations

This morning I attended the ‘Creative Solutions’ group, which involved creative writing and art. We were each asked to pick from a scattering of various types of shells in front of us according to how it relates to us in relation to our family. We were then invited to write about this, and from there create a piece of artwork. It was a little emotional for me participating in this activity.

The afternoon involved the ‘Stress Coping Skills’ therapy group. I went. Tried to stay. But unfortunately I couldn’t. These medication changes have caught up with me, and I’ve been feeling somewhat nauseous with headaches and body aches. I suppose that’s what happens when medications are tweaked so rapidly. From 200mg of sertraline, to 10mg of escitalopram for about four days, and now 50mg of desvenlafaxine. Ack. So I left and took a nap in my room.

I had emailed all my tutors/unit coordinators at Uni regarding my situation. Today I received a call from the academic coordinator at the school of Occupational Therapy. She was so lovely. I’m currently taking units from three different schools within the Uni as part of the OT course, one from the School of OT, one from the School of Psychology and one from the School of Biomedical Sciences. She called to reassure me that an extention for my OT unit is fine, and checked to make sure I was right for my two other units too. I informed her I had emailed the unit coordinators for both units and have confirmed with them I can receive extensions for my assessments. She complimented me on ‘being proactive’. I was also queried as to whether I’m aware of the disability services available through the Uni. I told her no. She took the steps to explain that I could make an appointment to see how they can help me, so that I don’t have to keep explaining my situation for all the units I’m taking and will take in the future. I’m left very impressed and appreciative of how the School of OT at Uni have handled my situation.

7 thoughts on “Med changes & Uni accommodations

  1. Proud of you BtF you are trying so, so hard. I really believe in you and your recovery. You are gonna make a great OT one day and I hope you try to get into MH when you are one.

  2. I’m proud of you too. It’s so good that the Academic Coordinator handles your situation so well and was so kind to inform you of disability services. Wow, I’m jealous in a way, since my university (back in 2007) said I should quit.

    I am sorry about the side effects from the med change. I hope they go away soon.

    • Gosh that’s terrible the Uni told you to quit because of a disability. :/ Most Unis here will try to be accommodating of disabilities I think, and there are laws against discrimination.

  3. Disability Services can be a godsend. They do all the fighting for you, which is nice. I’m glad that you got things figured out for your courses. What ddi you have to do about your group work?

    • I’ll have to do a presentation by myself in front of my tutor. Would have been easier to do it in a group…but I guess it can’t be helped :/

  4. My uni’s disability service have been fantastic. I’m glad you’r coordinator was so helpful and I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with the disability service when you can.

    I hope the meds change and hospital stay help and you feel better soon. *hugs*

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