Still waiting…

As people were once again groaning at their alarm clock, buttoning up their blouses, yawning their way through the morning traffic and downing numerous cups of coffee to get through the day, I anxiously anticipated contact from R or Dr T/her secretary. I was still awaiting news of whether I’d be going into hospital, seeing Dr T for an appointment or what, if anything, was happening. In doing so I forgot to take a number of things into consideration, namely;

  • ASAP in their language translates to ‘Sometime in the next few months would be great.’
  • Doctors are always on holiday, especially when you need them not to be. They can afford to, with the $300 per hour fee that they charge.
  • When they’re not on holiday, they’re either too busy to return your call or “too busy” to return your call.
  • When professionals communicate, it’s not important to keep the patient in the loop.
It’s Wednesday night and still I’ve heard nothing. And so, I will keep waiting…and in the meantime I’ll keep…doing what I’ve been doing. Huh.

8 thoughts on “Still waiting…

  1. I think you’d be best off expecting to hear nothing, particularly anytime soon. As I said previously, the best thing could possibly do for yourself is start working toward whatever the goal of the hospital admission would be (i.e. decrease self-harm, improve mood etc) because in hospital or not, you are still going to have to work toward and achieve those things yourself.

  2. love the part “too busy” hahaha!! Seriously though I hope they get off their ass… and soon. It’s not right that you have to wait so long.

  3. Ugh, I’m sorry BTF! Sometimes I feel like doctors only think of themselves. You deserve to have an answer. Your health is in the balance! Hang on, friend.

    Wishing you well,

  4. Unfortunately it all depends on the doctor. My current psych returns all of my calls and is never on vacation. However, that was not the case with my first psych- who was never in his office, would refuse to call me back; and when I would finally get ahold of him, he would be angry/frustrated because I was “bothering” him.

    I hope things work out with your doctor.

    Stay Strong!


  5. I hope you hear from someone soon. I can relate, unfortunately. I’m glad you’re reaching out though. Can you call your psychiatrist tomorrow if you still haven’t heard anything? Or text?

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