I walked into the room today and slumped down onto the couch without saying a word. There are no words to describe how things have been. R, my psychologist, asked me to rate how my mood has been. I shrugged and muttered an ‘I don’t know.’ After some more prompting, I came out with a 1 or 2. My eyes were starting to well up but tears weren’t falling. Yet. A bit further into the session, the tears were falling freely. I should mention now that I’m not usually this teary and pathetic. Well, I’d like to think not anyway.

R suggested being admitted to a private psychiatric clinic as an inpatient. She asked me how that sounded. I shrugged in response and told her I don’t really mind nor care. Because she’s a clinical psychologist, and not a psychiatrist, she doesn’t have admitting powers. She told me she would attempt to contact Dr T to suggest an admission and would keep me posted. Huh. Good luck getting in touch with her. I received a text message from R about an hour after my appointment informing me that she does not have Dr T’s mobile number and so left a message at her office asking to be telephoned back ASAP. Uh yeah…the next three days are public holidays. The soonest Dr T would be in office is probably Wednesday.

I always seem to choose the worst times to get myself into a crisis. Sighs. The Christmas period last year, and now the Easter period and ANZAC Day this year…

Probably doesn’t matter either way. Keeping in mind the things that Dr T said last time, I doubt she’d admit me anyway. Meh.

12 thoughts on “Hospital…maybe?

  1. Sending you warm thoughts. I’m glad you’re open to the option of more care. I understand how long it can feel, simply one hour to the next. I’m glad to hear R cares enough to suggest inpatient care. Do what you can to get through. Sleep – whatever. You can always blog more too, if it helps.

  2. Hey. You are very strong. I’m glad you have a good support with your doctor. I left my good therapist and wish I didn’t but I cannot go back now that I left. Hang in there!!

  3. In the US where I live any medical professional has the power to admitt you for a 3 day hold if they think you are a danger to yourself or others, including psychologists. That’s how I’ve almost always been admitted. Or you can simply to to emergency say I’m suicidal and the same thing essentially happens. I understand your pain, didn’t have as much problems at christmas. But these last few months have been killing me, I got hospitalized 1 time against my will, theratened to do it again,and twice have had people trying to convince me to go to th er to get myself admitted thats all been within the last month or so. I have 2 or 3 weeks of school left so I’m trying to make it till then with finals and all, but am having some serious doubts. You are not alone, hope things get better.

    • yeah! I was about to send good wishes, but had forgotten about provisions for temporary admission. if you present at hospital, will they have access to the psychologist’s notes?

      but is the issue going to a state rather than private hospital? I know I’ve said the idea of shared rooms is horrific, but if it’s going to stop you being in trouble…?
      Just seen that your easter egg hunt should be starting soon- have a noogy egg for me. Like chocolate is really the answer…..!

      • Yes, if someone presents at the hospital Emergency Department they could be admitted. If they’re in a crisis situation. I don’t really think I am. And I think the admission process into private hospitals are different. I’d much rather be going to a private hospital if I were to go IP.

  4. Sorry to hear you feel so bad and it is a really bad time of the year to feel bad now that we have all these public holidays in a row. I hope you can sort this out with your doc when they come back from the public holidays. I think it sounds like a good idea to go to a private hospital. I find my private hospital to be awesome in helping me when I am not well. Be safe.

  5. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling so much at the moment. It does sound as though maybe you need more help that you’re currently getting, whether that’s through going IP or some other route. I know the system can be so frustrating (at least, I know ours in the UK is and I’m sure it’s no better in Australia!) It’s midday on Wednesday here now so I hope you’ve heard back or hear something soon. Take good care of yourself and let us know what happens. xx

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