Psychologist #3

This afternoon I met with R, psychologist #3. With the first appointment came the usual history taking. It seems only yesterday I was going through the same sort of questions with psychologist #2…and then here I was again today, but with another lady. It’s getting rather taxing having to go through the same getting-to-know-you type questions over and over again. With the GP I saw, with my psychiatrist, with psychologist #2, with the staff on the psych ward, and now with R…

Established with her that I have done CBT in the past, but did not find it very effective. She agreed with me that CBT is not the cure-all. Her take on this particular therapy type is that it works on a rather superficial level, but does not explore the deeper issue of why someone is depressed or anxious. I like her style of thinking! Or that aspect of it anyway.

I informed her that I have also been referred to the DBT program at F Hospital, but am still awaiting contact. “Is Borderline Personality Disorder a label that has been brought up  for you?” she asked, “Because that’s what DBT is used for.” I told her no, nobody has ever mentioned to me anything about BPD. “You don’t strike me as someone who’s borderline,” she told me. LOL, well that’s good to know…! Though I’m curious as to how people who do have BPD present in therapy to make it so obvious they have this mental disorder within less than an hour…?

The form of therapy R likes to employ with her clients is Schema Therapy. It’s not a therapy I’m familiar with or even heard about before. But from what I’ve read so far I’m not put off by it and if it goes beyond the superficial level that CBT does I’m not going to object to that!

I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about it all, but it’s early days yet. I could end up really liking her, or I could end up feeling like there’s no connection there and I can’t work with her. I could end up finding therapy of real benefit, or I could end up hating it and feeling as though it’s waste of time and money. Who knows really.

I have an appointment with her again next week. Between now and then she’s given me two questionnaires to fill. One is the Depression and Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS), the other is a Schema Therapy one. This exact one in fact! There are 232 statements to rate according to how well I think each statement describes me. 232!

15 thoughts on “Psychologist #3

  1. It sounds like this therapist is at least promising. That’s great! I really hope it turns out to be a good and helpful relationship for you.

    Wishing you well,

  2. Wow sounds good.

    I think I will put schema therapy on my list of possibilities. I’ve seen countless therapists, GPs, psychologist, psychiatrists, etc, and I tell you each time I have to open up and tell my story it almost kills me. Leaves me vulnerable and exposed. It’s like I don’t want to start unless they’re going to help and I can usually tell in a few sessions.

  3. Wow, that is a lot of questions! Good thing you have a week 🙂 It sounds like the appointment went well, from what you’ve said. I’m glad and I hope you end up liking her and find seeing her is helpful.

  4. its good that they are moving away from the DBT/borderline thing. It can get a bit nightmareish when they start on that one. Tends to happen a lot to people who have both self harmed, and had issues surrounding food.The problem being, that once they lump you in this category, its VERY difficult to get any help at all, as the general consesus with BPD is ‘less is very much more’

    Agree about CBT. Schema therapy is what i have.

    good luck!

  5. i *am* bpd and tried dbt/cbt for a little over a year. i started schema therapy almost a year ago. i like what this therapist said about cbt / dbt being superficial. schema therapy is hard though, but i’m glad i’ve found it. good luck.

  6. It makes me want to scream when people say that DBT is used to treat BPD as if that’s the only thing it treats. Sure, it treats BPD. But it ALSO is used for depression, anxiety, PTSD , EDs, etc.

    • I agree! Also I think that BPD is an awful label that creates stigma. A lot of professionals treat it as attention seeking which is more like factitious disorder anyway. I don’t believe that the label BPD should actually exist. There are a lot of valid reasons to explain the symptoms of a person with BPD like chronic childhood trauma.

  7. Sounds promising 🙂 I hope she works out for you. Totally agree about CBT. I couldn’t stand it, felt like my CBT therapist was trying to fix me on the outside but didn’t really care about why I was feeling so bad.

    ps. Just read some of the questions…I don’t envy you having to fill all that in!! Hope it’s not to taxing!

  8. Hey! just starting reading your blog again after not reading it for months. I was in hospital end of last year too twice. argh! I also have just started seeing a new therapist, who I bumped into at a restuarant the other night. that was scary.. I hope that things really start to improve for you.

  9. i can totally relate to the frustrtaion of telling your story over and over. relly glad you’re first appointment wasn’t a diasater. i am not familiar with schema therpay, but am off to researcg now.
    good luck.

  10. Glad to hear the appointment went okay! And schema therapy is great, as it can really get to the core of what is going on for you.

    You’ve probably been reading a bunch on Schema therapy anyway, but the “Reinventing Your Life” (Young & Klosko) book is the “pop psych” version of Young’s schema therapy which can give you a nice introduction if you were interested. There are actually 18 schemas you can fall into, but apparently publishers thought that was too many for a pop-psych book so they made him cut the numbers down (but the therapy books stick with 18). You shouldn’t have any problem getting it from one of the uni libraries in Perth.

    The survey helps determine which of the 18 you lean towards. Yep it’s long – at least you don’t have to score it and interpret it 😉

    Hope the rest of therapy goes well for you!

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