Carrots, tomatoes and eggplants

My grandfather told me today that ‘eating carrots, tomatoes and eggplants will make you happy.’ That and ‘laughing aloud’ apparently. Combine it with getting a grip, and I will be cured from depression in no time!  So why did I fork out all that money on mental health services again? According to my online Medicare records, in 2010 $4417 was spent solely on appointments with my GP, psychiatrist and psychologist, $923 of that sum was paid out of my own pocket. Think of how many carrots, tomatoes and eggplants I could’ve bought instead! With that amount of vegetables, surely I would’ve been the happiest person in the world by now, if only I had been advised how to spend my money wisely earlier.

But joking aside, it really just prompts me to want to scream or punch the wall in frustration. My grandparents and aunt have been like this ever since they found out of my overdose. A month has passed. How much longer are they going to keep this up I wonder?

9 thoughts on “Carrots, tomatoes and eggplants

  1. Hey there — congrats on your month — been there. That’s a big milestone.
    So, when I hear my less-than-helpful mother’s and grand-mother’s voices playing idiocy in my ear, I just change it to the voice of Sylvester the Cat from the old Warner Brothers cartoons. Same words — just in a voice that is as dumb and silly as the things being said. 😀
    I’m guessing any cartoon character voice would do as well.
    As for people not calling you back from inside the bureaucracy — call them until they know you by name, and annoy them until they do their job.
    –Lynn in Texas

  2. Hey lovely girl,
    Sometimes the people we need the most just can’t be there for us – whether it be because of personal, cultural, etc issues. I guess it’s important to TRY and keep in mind that they’ve probably never faced this before and they’re trying to help – even if what they’re saying and doing is really misdirected.

    I agree with Lynn – a lot of the times these services need you to call them back. Yah, it sucks and it’s so hard. But you do get used to it and they expect these follow-up phone calls. Unfortunately BtF is just a number on a file or an email at the moment, and it’s VERY easy to fall through the system – you need to make yourself a real person who needs their help. It’s getting into the services that is the tricky part. It’s usually a lot easier when you’re in them.

    Thinking of you lovely girl.

  3. i dont actualy know what actulay brings happyness in life i have so far not found it i was happy for a while but then that fell apart to a stable living the only way i think i can be happy is when i am in love when i am in love i feel happy the probelem is just like a drug what goes up has to come down i suppose we cant be hapy all the time but i wish we could if i had a magic wand i would make everyone happy and content

  4. one good thing from this advice — now you know what makes THEM happy — you’ll know what to get them for their birthdays– A big plate of Ratatouille!

  5. I don’t now if my mom has yet to really get it, and it’s been a year and a half. My T said said that just think of all the time you had to get used to the idea that something was wrong and to accept it. Other people need time to adjust too.

    I would be so annoyed though.

  6. Ugh. I hate this layperson advice. My sister used to tell me to wear fancy clothes in order to cure my depression. She is currently in grad school for her PsyD.

    Hard work is what changes things.

    Wishing you well,

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