Call from F Hospital

At about 7:40pm this evening I received a call from a lady at F Hospital, notifying me that the referral from Dr T to commence DBT has been received. I don’t think I’ve quite recovered from the shock yet because it’s only been…wait for it…FOUR days since Dr T sent off the referral. Given that I’m usually cast aside and/or forgotten about, I was more expecting four weeks, or perhaps even four months, to hear from them. I notice the Self Harm and Crisis Counselling Service of other public hospital has STILL yet to make contact…

Lady from F Hospital asked if I was having issues with my safety. “Not right now,” I answered. Was provided the number for the psych triage team at said hospital and was also about to be given the number for the Mental Health Emergency Response Line, but I informed her I had their number already.

“Do you have anything you’d like to ask?’ she questioned. I inquired as to how long the referral process was likely to take. She responded that the referral will be passed on to the DBT coordinator on Monday, then the DBT coordinator will contact me regarding the program.

I am rather impressed thus far. Fingers crossed this efficiency continues and it all works out!

13 thoughts on “Call from F Hospital

  1. So pleased to hear that things are moving forward with the DBT. Hopefully they will be able to start you on the program soon.xx

  2. This is really good, I am glad that were so fast. I think when they can see you are trying to get help, they are more likely to help you. I know that is weird but true. When I used to self harm and OD all the time in my early twenties, I found that the hospital was get really pissed off with me. When I started DBT they started getting really helpful and my assigned therapist was good. I saw someone [one of the therapists] from the DBT group on the train a while ago last year and she asked me how I was and expressed how proud of me she was. I found the DBT people really good. I hope they are good for you too 🙂

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