I’m quoted in a news article!

I mentioned this briefly on my previous post, but the Minister for Mental Health has been conducting forums with mental health consumers from all around Australia about what needs to be done to improve services. Last night an online consultation with young peeople occured and I, being a young person passionate about this issue, jumped online to have my say to the Minister for Mental Health.

It’s a topic that I get fired up about, given the multitude of barriers I face in seeking help, and the appalling treatment I experience when I do have access to these services. Upon the conclusion of the online forum, I was left feeling pretty dejected and dispirited, with the realisation of how let down I have been by the mental health system, and I was left wishing I really didn’t have all that experience behind me.

Today I was linked to an article appearing on the ABC news website entitled, ‘Government grilled over mental health services.’ It reports on the very forum conducted online last night. Even better…it quotes a statement made by ME. Yes, ME! Okay, so it doesn’t quote me by name, only as a ‘commenter from Perth’ (see if you can spot my comment!). The statement quoted wasn’t the most outstanding of the points I made and the issue I raised the least of my concerns. But still, the fact that something I said appeared in a news article has made my day. Perhaps it’s not that much of a big deal, I’m not even quoted by my name, but it’s a big deal to me! Maybe I’m just easily pleased…or egotistical…

All in all, I think I’d still rather not have anything to say on this topic. But this slightly makes up for it.

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