Wasting Hospital Resources

I was watching a news story on TV tonight about the hospitals in my city reaching ‘crisis point’ today, whereby hospitals were overcrowded and ambulances were having to queue up outside Emergency Departments. I then found this and this article on the ‘net, reporting on the same issue.

Although I wasn’t in hospital today when it is said to have reached ‘crisis point’, I was there less than three weeks ago. Occupying a bed. Using up much-needed resources. Resources which could’ve been directed to those who deserve to receive hospital treatment because they’re actually sick.  Unlike me, who overdosed and therefore brought this on myself.

Quotes such as these don’t really aid in easing my guilt;

He [the Health Department director general] is urging the community to think twice about attending emergency departments and to seek alternative care for non-emergencies.

I think this confirms for me what I was already thinking- that I am a shit person, a waste of space, waste of resources, I’m inconsiderate of the needs of others etc. etc. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Maybe I should have just let the paracetamol damage my liver- it’d be no less than what I deserve.

9 thoughts on “Wasting Hospital Resources

  1. Oh sweetie, it’s not your fault. I know you did it to yourself, but it’s not your fault you have the issues and feeling that led to the OD.

    And you deserve all the good and love in the world. So there.

    Karen x

  2. I beg to differ. You are not a shit person, a waste of space or a waste of resources.

    Having read the articles you’ve linked to, I suspect what the hospital people are potential patients to do is to stay at home with their colds, coughs and tummy upsets. I can’t speak for Australia but I believe that in the UK the ambulance service cannot refuse to take a patient to hospital.

    You sought and received hospital treatment because you needed it. Without treatment… Yeah, I’m not going to type it because I don’t want to think of a world that doesn’t have a worthwhile and precious BtF in it.

  3. Honey, you deserve health. And you deserve care. Your overdose could have been fatal, and that is deserving of a bed. You WERE “actually sick.” And the issues/feelings that led you to overdose are legitimate. You definitely did the right thing by going to the Emergency Department and I’m POSITIVE that any doctor would agree with me. I think what the articles and TV are trying to say is don’t come to the Emergency Department for a paper cut or other frivolous things. Liver damage is not frivolous.

    And I have to disagree with you. You’re not a shitty person, a waste or resources, or a waste of space.

    Wishing you well,

  4. Isn’t the article asking people with less serious needs find other support? You had serious needs. You had to stay another whole day! Besides, if you went to your GP, you probably would have been sent there anyways. Please don’t even think twice as to whether or not you are deserve care or not. You do. You did needed to be where you were. You are most assuredly not a piece of wasted space. I can understand how you could feel that way. I think most of us would feel guilty after hearing/reading news like that and batter ourselves a bit because, well, that’s what we do. It’s hard to see the outside perspective is and girl, you are more than worth it 🙂

  5. I totally know where you are coming from. i am in the hospital at least once every 2 weeks just now. Its self inflicted too but they are serious overdoses. My last one was on friday and i appeared to my appointment for the psych and by then the OD had kicked in. I dont remember any of the appointment or ambulance or A&E. I just remember waking up in hospital 12 hours later. Its scary but yes i do get the impression especially from nurses that im wasting their time and occupying a bed that might be needed for someone else. Iv had a few actually say that to me. Dont forget you are there to get treatment no matter wether its self inflicted or not.

  6. I felt exactly the same when I was in hospital for my ED. I felt that I was wasting resources and that all the other patients deserved to be there whereas I did not deserve anything. However, everyone deserves help if they have a problem. Mental illnesses are just as real as their physical counterparts, and should be taken seriously.

    Sarah x

  7. Sweetie, I know how you feel, but it is NOT true.

    You deserve help as much as anyone else.

    *never ending bear hugs to help you feel better ‘cuz ILY and wish you didn’t feel this way*

    Stay strong and take care. ♥

  8. You are just as deserving of care as anyone else. It doesn’t matter that it was an overdose, the condition that caused you to feel like you needed to do that isn’t a condition that is getting a waste of space or resources trying to fix it. So why would some sypmtoms that caused you to harm yourself make you less worthy. I understand that you feel guilt but its unnesessary, the hospital has triage and that system is getting better at trying to sort what is urgent and what isnt as urgent. U wouldnt tell me when I had my asthma attack the other day that I was wasting space or resources, so please be kind to yourself and know that mental health needs to be treated just as well as physical health. I hope this makes sence as I am super tired. lol

  9. You deserve all the help that is available to you. Mental illness is an illness that can be life threatening, that is serious. Don’t beat yourself up your need was as great as anyone else’s and don’t think otherwise.
    Take care, be kind to yourself you do deserve it.
    Hugs xx

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