Met with the Head of School this morning. Found out I’ve been terminated from my Uni course.

‘This is not going to be a happy time for you,’ he said, upon telling me this piece of news. No shit, really? Because obviously things weren’t bad enough for me before that I needed this additional failure to add to the list.

I’m SO fucking GLAD to know I’ve wasted the past one and a half years of my life. I’m now going to be two years behind all my friends and everyone else I attended high school with.

Fuck my life.

11 thoughts on “Terminated

  1. Boo to stupid professors who say stupid things.

    This post brought back a lot of memories of those unhappy two years that I went through. In my case, I was first told to “let it out” and then to please “control myself”.

    I wish I could give you a hug right now. You’re entitled to scream-cry-rant-repeat for as long as you need. If you ever want someone to talk to, drop me an email k?

    *big bear hugs and a packet of tissue*

  2. What a moronic thing to say, as it that’s going to help you feel any better.

    I really feel for you. I had my exam applications terminated 2 weeks before I was due to take them incase I “underperformed due to my illness” and “reflect badly on the school”. In other words mess up the school’s league tables. It’s horrible.

    Go find a punching bag, pummel it to within an inch of it’s life and have a good scream.

    I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do next. Just remember the older you get the less age matters as to whether you’re behind everyone, eventually everyone catches up in some way or another. Keep on fighting, and try not to let this destroy you.


  3. I’m so sorry this happened. I can definitely relate to being behind your high school peers, so you’re not alone. I hope you’re okay (relatively).

    Wishing you well,

  4. Yes, I meant to add – you really aren’t behind people in terms of age etc. Loads of people take gap years now anyway, and go to uni at 19 or 20 – that is really common, and then there have always been lots of people who have gone to uni for the first time in their 20s, and even 30s. I am 24 now, and still haven’t been to uni (or rather I have, but only for a couple of months before being hospitalised and told by the uni that I couldn’t go back), but I know lots of other people my age who also haven’t got degrees etc yet. When you are 18/19 and the only people you know are your school and uni friends, then it does make you feel like the odd one out if that isn’t what you are doing, but you will meet more and more people who are taking less conventional pathways than the typical straight from school to uni to job route, and in a few years it won’t make any difference to you. I would suggest you take some time to think about what you would really like to do, as it never really seemed like your heart was in your course anyway? But there will be something that will be right for you, and you can do it when it seems like a good time for you. xxxx

  5. I’m so sorry to hear this.

    I echo what others say about this not “putting you behind”, although I guess that probably doesn’t help much at the moment. And for the record I did get a degree, but ended up going back to uni to retrain. When you’re early 20s if feels like a constant race to “get where you’re going”, but really for a lot of people it takes a little longer, for whatever reason – health, financial, just not being sure what they want to do.

    Is there anyway you can use the credit for the years you did? I don’t know how it works in Australia but I know that both in UK and North America some unis will let you skip the first year if you’ve already done it (or something similar) before – (I was told that if I didn’t managed to get back into uni I could use the credit from the first 2 years, to skip the first year if I was forced to repeat).

    Although I’m not sure if you even want to be thinking about this right now. It does seem very unfair that they’ve terminated you though, were they aware that you’ve been struggling with your health?

    Anyway in lieu of anything helpful: {{{hugs}}}

    Take care,

    • Oh and I forgot to add – Is there an appeals process? Because there is at our uni and basically you go in front of a panal of three, and argue your case (you can take representation for that). They then have the power to overturn the decision (or change it to taking a year out or something rather than a termination).

      Just a thought on something you might like to look into.

  6. Ugh. What an unthoughtful remark 😦 I would have been pissed and hurt by that! I’m sure it is of very little solace, but like others have posted above, lots of people don’t go to college/uni right out of highschool. Some people work, then go. Other people just never go altogether. I didn’t start my post-secondary education until I was 22 because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I randomly volunteered for a friends mom and found THAT was the profession I wanted to work in. It took two years of college, a 4-year uni program crammed into 3 years, and a 1 year graduate program.

    Even without a mental illness to deal with, it’s tough. I would have never believed I would have gotten this far – mostly because the expectation for me was never there until I started making small accomplishments.

    I posted before, and I’m not sure if you responded (and I dare not change pages because my internet is so crappy right now!), about whether or not you knew if being a pharmacist was what you were 100% passionate about. The only way I made it through my programs was because I was 100% passionate about it. I ate up the material and questioned everything inside and out, because I wanted to be great and leave a positive impact. I was thirsty and passionate. Without it, I would never have made it.

    If this is really what you’re passionate about, maybe you could try to come at it from a different angle? What about being a part time student. The classes you’re really struggling with, do you think you could do them better if you have fewer to focus on? Maybe it would help to really focus your attention on less things at one time.

    100% supportive of you…you deserve great things! Keep fighting.

  7. *supermassivehugs* I am so sorry to hear about this…the head of the school doesn’t deserve his job title with unhelpful comments like that. Like Differentlysane said, a lot of the time it feels like it’s a race to get to where you want to be, but there are so many paths that can be taken and we all all individuals with different dreams and ambitions so we cannot look at what others are doing, as it can make us feel bad about where we are.

    I’m not sure about how it works in Austrailia, but I know of someone here who was terminated off their course, but later reapplied and joined again. It might be worth finding out what your options are in terms of the course. This could also be a chance for you to look into other career paths and courses you might want to explore, if you don’t want to do pharmacy.
    I hope everything works out the way you deserve them to be soon enough,

  8. I know this is not what you want to hear right now – but I’m also 2 years behind my friends – and you know what? There are some 25, 30, 40 and a 50 year old in my course. And if I hadn’t taken the time I did to get well, I a) wouldn’t be happy and b) would have struggled through EVERYTHING in my course. Maybe this time has been given to you to work out how to get yourself well so that you can do what YOU want to do and do it well? Please don’t let your illnesses beat you up about this, ok? and don’t think you’re a failure. I’m 21 and I’m in my first year of TAFE, and I’ll be going to uni for the first time at 22.There’s no shame in that.

    Thinking of you. xx

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