Don’t restrict your intake…just don’t.

Lesson learnt: restricting your intake will kill your metabolism. Take it from me. Don’t starve yourself, don’t cut down on what you eat, don’t diet. Unless you enjoy the ability to easily gain weight from every single morsel of food you put in your mouth when you do eat or you start eating again. In which case, go right ahead! Just be warned that when you do deny yourself that nourishment, your body will then start to crave what it so desperately needs. At first you will be able to say no. No to sugar, no to sweets, no to carbs, no to dairy products, no to fats. No, no, no, no, no. But then you won’t be able to keep resisting and instead you’ll be saying more, more, more, more, more.  You’ll crave food you never used to have such a liking for. So then on top of the fact that your metabolism is already shot, you will be consuming these foods that you so desire but have been resisting for so long and your weight will just go up and up and up.

Perhaps this isn’t reflective of everyone’s experiences. It does describe mine though.

I started off being able to eat whatever I wanted without gaining much weight. Then I started denying myself food, skipping meals, before I started bingeing and purging. Post restriction period, the weight just keeps piling on. From a BMI of 15.6 two years ago to a BMI of 18.2 at present.

Why did I decride to start cutting back my intake two years ago? Whyyyyy? If I hadn’t made that choice, I’d probably still be able to eat what I want without gaining all this weight and I wouldn’t be craving the various  foods now. Damn you BtF, and the choices that you make.

5 thoughts on “Don’t restrict your intake…just don’t.

  1. I just read your previous post and shivers (literally) ran down my spine.

    I understand, I understand, I do.

    The jittery anxiety, the sinking dread, the paralysing fear.

    I know it’s going to be hard, but focus on your supplementary exam. Don’t waste time beating yourself over the head, agonising over how to face your parents (and friends), entertaining morbid thoughts about worst-case scenarios. All these tore me apart and it’s taken two years to finally get back on track.

    I’m rooting for you.

    *big hug*

    P/s- hindsight is always 20/20. It’s not the end of the road; detours sometimes lead us back. Your body might very well surprise you once you choose to start feeding it regularly.

  2. this is a lesson i am learning. after losing almost 7 stone, i am struggling to get off the last bit of excess weight. it feels like the less i eat, the slower the weight loss gets.

    i understand you’re dealing with much more than me, but i just wanted to say wise words.

  3. I know what you mean about this. When I first met Andy and moved in with him, I was 8kg lighter, because he would cook things that I had never had before or foods I hadn’t eaten in years because of my ED. It is very stressful and hard and horrible. It will stop though. I have basically stayed wthin a few kilos of the weight I am okay being at for the last few years. I have gone up a bit lately but that was because I was eating lots of junk food, which I have no cut out. Not all of it. I have chocolate every day and I have cake at our friday morning teas at work, I just don’t eat it all the time. You BMI though is a healthy BMI and don’t take the word healthy as meaning fat because that is not what I mean. It is still on the low end of the range anyway. Try not to worry too much. I will be okay. I am sorry to hear about your exams too. Conditional usually means that you have to do something, like do a supp exam, to pass the course. It depends of the program rules of your course too.

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