An Appointment Made & A Failed Exam

I don’t quite have the words for how I feel. Perhaps that’s just the issue- right now I just don’t feel. Considering a big component of therapy is being able to articulate your thoughts and feelings, this could be a problem.

Because yes, I have successfully made an appointment with G, the psychologist. Huzzah! A few messages, missed calls and conversations later we finally have a scheduled time. Tuesday 20th July at 10am. Initially I was offered an earlier slot. I called on Wednesday, she rang me back and asked if I could come in on the next day, Thursday, as there had been two cancellations . Uh no, I have plans, something along the lines of going to work so that I can actually afford to attend my appointments.

In other news, I have received notification of a failed human biology exam. I am yet to find out the results of my other two units. Considering human biology was probably my best exam, I am not optimistic. I have been offered a supplementary exam in this unit, if I pass this exam, I pass the unit. If I fail, I will be terminated from my Uni course. I sit this exam in a week. Again, I can’t quite describe how I feel so I think a line from this song sums it up nicely.

‘Tell me tell me can you feel the pressure now?’ -Pressure by Paramore

3 thoughts on “An Appointment Made & A Failed Exam

  1. Oooh, I’m sorry about the exam. I know how stressful uni can be. Best of luck! My fingers are crossed for you.

    Wishing you well,

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