Innocent & Naive, Yep That’s Me!

We are sitting in the lunch room at work, my Aunt, our workmate M and I. We’re conversing about workplace politics. According to my Aunt, because I try not to assume the worst in people, that makes me naive. M says,

It’s because she hasn’t experienced the shit in life yet.

I can’t quite grasp whether I feel more annoyed or amused. No appropriate response comes to mind. So I just laugh. Rather sarcastically, I might add.

I haven’t experienced shit? Really? I haven’t experienced shit?

Ahh, M, if only you knew.

It just keeps flying at me and never ceases to stop.

5 thoughts on “Innocent & Naive, Yep That’s Me!

  1. I think it’s admirable that you always try to see the good in everyone despite having been through so much that could have hardened anyone else. I find myself slowly becoming more cynical as the years pass. At sixteen, I used to lament how I was so suspicious of everyone: always wondering if they had an ulterior motive, always analysing what was said to unearth any hidden innuendos, and how I was starting to say things I didn’t feel or mean. Now at twenty-one, I’ve accepted that I’ll probably never change that part of me even if I could because it’s one of my coping/defence mechanisms.

    As they say, 害人之心不可有,防人之心不可无.


  2. Workplace relationships/friendships can be totally different from real close relationships/friendships. We may only show one side to ourselves, the brave putting on a front side. Maybe this shows just how well you hide how much sh*t you have dealt with. You are a credit to yourself for being able to put on that front when needed. However, that being said it can be just as much of a battle to let that front down when necessary and ask for help when the sh*t really does hit the fan.
    Hugs xx

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