Grateful For The Good Times

It’s coming home from a night out with my friends that I realise how much others take for granted, people who don’t struggle with a mental illness or indeed with going out and social situations in general.

When I’m in the depths of depression, I tend to isolate myself. I lack motivation to attend social gatherings. I cease to make an effort to keep in contact with my friends. My social anxiety stops me from making the first move. As a consequence, my invitations become less and less. It then reaffirms my belief no one wants to bother with me, I’ve been forgotten about, I have no friends. And so the cycle continues.

I go to Uni and I hear people talk about movies, karaoke, parties, shopping, dinners and clubbing with friends. I go on Facebook and see all their photos, captured memories of these happy times. Laughter, smiles and joy. They go out every weekend, it’s become a part of their lifestyle. They stay in one weekend and it becomes a huge disappointment. For them it’s the norm.

For me? It’s a treasured rarity.

Nothing extraordinary or spectacular happened last night. It was just a simple night out, dinner and karaoke. Yet, it was such a wonderful feeling to be spending time with a small group of my close friends. I came home feeling on top of the world. There’s not a lot of positives I can find in struggling with depression. But one thing it has taught me? To be grateful for those moments of sunshine in the midst of a cold, dark winter. Unlike others who may take these simple pleasures of life for granted, I don’t.

It’s when the sweetness in life is absent that you truly appreciate how lucky you are when you get a taste of what you’ve been missing out on.

7 thoughts on “Grateful For The Good Times

  1. Wow. Everything you said in this post rings true for me too. I don’t think people realize how much mental illness interferes with life on so many levels.

    But I’m glad you had a great time with your friends last night!

    Wishing you well,

  2. It’s the small pleasures in life that can sometimes give us the strength when all is bleak. Life can be good. Glad you had a good night out with people who mean something to you. How do you describe depression and all that goes with it to people who have not been there. I haven’t found the answer yet and i am not sure there is one. You have put a simple sentiment so eloquently.

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