Referral Letter

Just so I have a record…

Dear [New pdoc]

Thank you for seeing BtF for an opinion and further management. BtF has come in to see me for the first time 3 days after taking [the pills that I took]. She wanted to harm herself but not kill herself. This is the 4th time she has taken an OD over about 2 years.
BtF is a second year pharmacy student who works in a pharmacy.
BtF has seen [previous pdoc] but didn’t feel he was able to engage with her. She also saw [previous psychologist] for about 11 sessions and this was of benefit to her.
[Previous pdoc] tried to get her to take an SSRI but she resisted.
BtF presents with symptoms of depression and a very low self esteem. She has been bulimic on occasions and first self harmed by cutting aged about 11 years old.
She denies any abuse and is not a substance abuser. There is no significant family history of psychological disturbance. BtF has had quite a strict upbringing and is still leading a parentally controlled life.
This is part of a mental health plan 2710.
I am more than happy to be involved in the future to whatever level you and BtF would like me to be.

Yours sincerely,


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