GP Appointment

It actually went okay! Soooo much better than the first GP I saw in 2008 about my mental health issues. Unlike the one I saw in 2008, he didn’t say that my mental health issues were silly, he didn’t tell me off like a small child and tell me that what I was doing to myself is ‘really bad’, he didn’t call my mum in and tell her everything, he didn’t judge me and make me feel like I was crazy and he didn’t threaten me with being hospitalised. Instead of coming out crying like I did last time, I came out smiling.

When I rang up this medical centre I didn’t actually ask for a particular GP, the receptionist just gave me whomever was available. So it was just my luck that I got a GP who is registered under the beyondblue Directory of Medical and Allied Health Practitioners in Mental Health.
When I told him that I wanted to consult him about a GP Mental Health Care Plan, he asked me whether I asked for him because I knew that he does a lot of the Mental Health Care Plans. I said I didn’t, so it was just a lucky coincidence.

I told him about the amount of pills I took on Wednesday night. He rang someone up, I guess an expert on toxicology? And the result is that the amount I took is non toxic.

He asked all the usual stuff about my life and asked about some of the symptoms of depression that I might be experiencing. Information about my previous mental health care and who I had seen previously was also obtained. I had to fill out a K10 test. He then diagnosed me with depression…though I’ve kinda already been diagnosed with depression before. Huh.

Because of the danger with me and my tendencies to OD, he said that he really shouldn’t be letting me work in a pharmacy, though in reality the most dangerous drug out of the ones I took is available over the counter…so he has made me promise not to take another OD for now…

He’s another one who is strongly recommending that I try an SSRI but he is not going to prescribe them to me, because of the risks of suicidality in adolescense when taking an SSRI. So he has referred me to a psychiatrist. A female one this time. He’s written up a referal letter for me to give to the psychiatrist when I see her, and it’s with me now.

I’m meant to make an appointment with the psychiatrist on Tuesday. And the GP wants to see me again on Wednesday to check in with how I’m going. He’s said that if the appointment with the psychiatrist is in one or two weeks, then I can cancel the appointment with him and just go see the psychiatrist. Don’t know how long he things getting referred to a new psychaitrist takes, but in my experience, the last time it took 2 or 3 months from my referal from the GP to having my first apointment. It’s the same with M, a workmate, she also had to wait 2 or 3 months before her first appointment.

So on my to do list:
Tuesday- ring the psychiatrist up to make an appointment
Wednesday- Appointment with the GP again at 9:30am

Fingers crossed that the psychiatrist I will be seeing is nice too.

7 thoughts on “GP Appointment

  1. Really, really glad to hear that you had such a good experience with the GP, that is great news. Slightly suprised he won't prescribe an SSRI, as although there are risks of increased suicidal thoughts in adolescents, that generally seems to be ignored once you are over 18, and myself and several other people I know were all prescribed them by different GPs at 16/17. But it doesn't matter anyway, as you have a Psych referral now. Hopefully she will be nice – since you liked him try and trust that he wouldn't have referred you to someone nasty! x

  2. Thanks Bippidee.Maybe it's different here in Australia? I have a friend from the UK I met online on a SH Recovery board and she was prescribed an SSRI by a GP when she was younger than 18 too. But most if not all the young people around my age in Australia who I know take an SSRI was prescribed one by a pdoc and not a GP.The GP said he used to work with this pdoc actually so I'm hoping that means she's nice!

  3. This sounds really promising BtF, and I'm really glad you're finally getting some support. The GP sounds like a good guy, and after all you've been through recently you deserve some decent help with all this.Sarah x

  4. I'm really glad you got a good GP. That is great! Yes it's true that some psychiatrist appointments in Oz can take time, but some will have a space every few weeks for a new patient if they are taking new patients. I would say that this doc knows this already if he is referring you to her. Good luck with it. I hope she is really good and will help you lots. Hope you're feeling a litle better too!*hugs*Sarah

  5. Yes, it may work slightly differently, I don't know. If you are receiving treatment for MH problems on the NHS, as the majority of people here do, then you tend to only get referred to a psychiatrist if you are under a CMHT, and you only get referred to a CMHT if you have what they call a 'severe and enduring' mental health problem, so for example the vast majority of people under CMHTs are too ill to work/study etc, and they are the ones who see Psychiatrists. People who have mental health problems that are less severe tend to just have their medication dealt with by their GP, and if they receive therapy it is through IAPT. Also, most people who present to a GP with depressive symptoms will be put on anti depressants before any referral is made, so your first anti depressant prescription tends to come from a GP, even if you are then referred to a Psych. So either way you are likely to have a GP involved in prescribing medication, at least at first. They are more wary of prescribing SSRIs to young people, but like I said, I know quite a few people, including myself, who were prescribed them at 16/17. So yes, it does seem to be a bit different. Hope you get your appointment through soon! x

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