Medicare and the beginning of the year

I recently just realised that the beginning of the year means that I’m elligible to get another twelve psychologist sessions subsidised under Medicare. It’s a pity because I don’t even have a psychologist now, since my appointment last year was apparently cancelled. Since then I haven’t seen my psychologist at all and it’s been about half a year since I last saw her. Plus, to get these sessions subsidised I’d need to see my psychiatrist whom I last saw in May 2009. The last appointment I had with him was awful and I don’t feel comfortable with him so I refuse to make another appointment. I dislike the GP I saw even more than the psychiatrist so I’m definetely not going back to her again.

Which leaves me only one option if I want to get help: start all over again.

I’m not sure if I want to do that again or not. The first step of actually seeking help is harder than simply continuing with the help you already have.

On the up side, it means an opportinity to see a professional without involving my parents. It just doesn’t help me to involve my parents with my treatment and mental health issues…except…they have the money. I don’t. Previously my parents paid for my psychologist and psychiatrist appointments. If I were to seek help again without them knowing, this would mean I’d have to pay. Which, for a Uni student who owes HECS fees to the government, is quite a lot of money. For just one hour session it was $50. That was when I saw a psychologist through the private system, I don’t know how to see one through the public system.

If I do decide to seek help again though, there is the problem of who I will see.

Going back to the GP or pdoc I saw previously is not an option. Which means I’d have to find another GP to see. Problem is, I don’t know any GPs I could see, let alone one in my area (nope, I still haven’t got my license). I rarely go to the doctors if I’m sick and I can’t even remember the last time I went to a GP, besides that time I went to get referred to a psychologist for my mental health issues.

I could go see the psychologists they have available on the Uni campus but the Uni psychologists are only meant to be for short term and I think you are restricted to ten sessions per year. Then again, the Medicare system is not much of an improvement on that, with twelve sessions, plus we have to pay. Whereas with the Uni counsellors, at least they’re free.

I’m thinking the best option is to possibly go to my nearest headspace center. Reasons are it’s a mental health service especially for young people, they have a GP and psychologist practicing there and I think that it’s low cost.

That is, if I do decide to seek help again. Part of me is thinking screw this, my first attempt and getting treatment fell through, I give up. I don’t think I can bring myself to make that effort again.

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