ED Facebook Photos?

I stumbled accross that Facebook profile of a friend of a friend’s who has an eating disorder. I guess I was bored, and I am always curious about other people who also have a mental illness such as an eating disorder.

Her photos caught my attention- there were a lot of her during her stay at hospital to treat her eating disorder. All the photos in this particular album has her with an NG tube in and there is one full body shot with her only in her underwear while she is obviously underweight and suffering from anorexia.

I guess being someone who’s quite secretive about my mental health issues, I don’t really understand why her and others would do that. It’s Facebook, everyone on your friends list has access to your photos and depending on your privacy settings, others may be able to view them too. It makes me wonder if they are proud that they are obviously underweight and are suffering from an eating disorder? Or maybe they want to prove that they do have an eating disorder and are sick enough to warrant being in treatment and being tube fed? Or some other reason I haven’t thought of?

Another point is that it can be triggering. I’m not one of her friends on Facebook and I don’t even know her, so that’s fine, but I noticed that she does have friends on Facebook who also suffer from an eating disorder. How about them, is it not triggering to them?

Meh, maybe my disapproval of her putting these photos up stems from jealousy. Yeah, I admit it, part of me is jealous that she’s obviously underweight, I’m not, and I can’t help feeling like a failure for not being very underweight unlike those who are suffering from anorexia.

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