Merry Christmas everyone!

I know for some people, Christmas may be a difficult time to get through. Maybe there are loved ones missing from the festivities, maybe you can’t afford to have the elaborate Christmas that you’d like, maybe there’s conflict with family and friends, maybe you’re battling sickness or a mental illness…whatever reason that this holiday season may not be the easiest time for you- please just try to keep hanging in there. No matter how lonely you may feel, you are not alone.

I was reading my diary entry from the Christmas in 2008. And this time last year I was feeling pretty miserable, was crying and feeling really alone. I think this Christmas has been an improvement from last year. No tears for one! And it has been nice spending Christmas at home. Last year I was overseas in Singapore with Mum, my brother and relatives while my father was in another country holidaying with another woman doing goodness knows what, unbeknown to my mother. This year I have spent Christmas with my whole family (and as far as I know my father is not having a relationship with another woman this year which means no burden for me) and have put up the Christmas tree and cooked a nice Christmas dinner for my family.

I hope that people’s Christmas this year has been a bit better too. Take care and stay safe ❤

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