FML, EDs and body size

I have the FML application on my iPod and I read the ‘FMLs’ when I’m bored, or procrastinating (a lot of procrastinating going on now that it’s exam period!)

I read one today:

‘Today, I was together with a few of my friends when I got up the courage to confess I have an eating disorder. One of my friends then said “…but you’re not skinny.” FML’

Firstly, regarding the friend. Obviously it’s not a nice to tell anyone that they’re not skinny, it’s even worse when you say that to someone with an eating disorder. But I’m not the friend, so I don’t know if she meant it as a nasty comment, a comment made out of ignorance or a comment made where she was defending that she hadn’t noticed the struggles with eating that her friend has been having. I don’t know. Either way, it’s not a comment you want to hear when you’ve just confessed to having an ED.

Secondly it always disappoints me that society is still so ignorant about the issue of eating disorders. No you don’t have to be seriously underweight to have an eating disorder. No anorexia is not the only eating disorder there is. Many people with bulimia are of average weight or even overweight. They could have EDNOS. And let’s not forget compulsive overeating, which is a serious eating disorder too. An ED is serious, whether you’re underweight, of average weight or overweight. For example, someone with bulimia may not be underweight, but may have serious problems with their heart because of the electrolyte imbalance caused by purging.

I then proceeded to read the comments that people left on this FML. One I read asked her why did she tell her friends and suggested that she ‘…deal with it privately, it’s your problem not theirs, don’t burden them with it.’

Hmm, I don’t know, maybe for support? Maybe to explain things to her friends so they may understand her situation better?

I read a couple of other comments along the lines of ‘wWat a waste, if you have an ED you should at least look the part.’ Again, many people with EDs are not underweight!

The negative comments aside, there were people who did give their support to the original poster of the ‘FML’ and there were people who argued against the ignorant and rude comments that were made. A comment made by someone who is in recovery from an ED, ‘People need to learn more about EDs beyond the stereotypes!’ Too true.

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