Inspire Speech

On Friday I went with another Reach Out Youth Ambassador/the Co-chair of the WA Inspire Community (LU) to give a presentation about Inspire and the initiatives of the Inspire Foundation, Reach Out and Act Now, at a law firm for their Workplace Giving Event. Basically the employees donate some of their salary to various charities and on Friday they had a day where representatives from different charities came along to talk about what their charity does, how the funds can benefit them etc etc.

I don’t really have much to do with Act Now but I am a Reach Out Youth Ambassador and WA Inspire Community Member. Because it was my first time I didn’t write and give the speech, instead I watched LU give the presentation. I did talk to a couple of people with LU about the Inspire Foundation though.

It feels a bit weird going to represent Reach Out, a web based service that helps young people get through tough times and get help for their mental health issues, when I’m one of those young people that do use Reach Out and does have a mental health problem. LU gave some statistics about depression and suicide and I was thinking, ‘Well, depression and suicide is something that I have dealt with…still do deal with sometimes…’

An employee at this law firm was talking to LU and myself and she asked us how we became Youth Ambassadors for Reach Out. I just said that I went on the website and decided to apply. I didn’t know if I should say that I actually have used Reach Out when I was struggling with my mental health issues and that is why I got involved. I’m still afraid of stigma and afraid of what people will think. Even though if they’re willing to donate to us then they probably wouldn’t judge someone with mental health issues. But still…

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