After a night of crying, 2500mg of paracetamol, 200mg of Seroquel and some alcohol…I feel like crap.

I couldn’t even wake up at my usual time this morning and missed my 12pm lecture. I feel so dizzy and drowsy and weak. At home I pretty much blacked out and had to go lie down for a while before the diziness went and my vision cleared. And while I was getting on the bus I lost my balance and almost fell over. Would have if I didn’t have the bar to hold onto.

I wouldn’t have come to Uni, but I didn’t want my mum asking me why I wasn’t at Uni.

So what brought this on? Well last night my aunty told me that the pharmacist I work for was writing down all the mistakes that I made while packing the Webster Packs. I am terrified of getting into trouble and getting fired. I so do not want to go to work on Wednesday. I’m already failing pharmacy at Uni, I couldn’t stand if I lost my job and ended up failing yet another aspect of my life.

I just really wanted someone to confort me and calm me down and talk me through it. I just needed to hear that I am worth more than a stupid job.

But I don’t really have anyone do I. Do’t even seem to have a psychologist anymore. Great.

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