Bronte’s Story

I finished reading this novel yesterday. It’s a true story about Bronte Cullis, an Australian who batteled anorexia nervosa. They weren’t sure she would survive the disease but she beat the odds and is still alive today.

She found that in Australia there were no suitable treatment options available so she went to the Montreaux Clinic in Canada to get treatment for her anorexia.

I’ve heard of other people having this issue to, regarding treatment for eating disorders in Australia. On an eating disorder recovery board that I went on, I met another Australian. She is in recovery from anorexia. The help that she received was mostly from a GP, nutritionist and psychologist. Of course, this is better than nothing. But not all these professionals are necessarilly competent to deal with EDs. For example, the GP I went to didn’t understand EDs at all, calling my purging ‘something silly.’

I also recently stumbled across a Facebook group with the aim of raising enough money for an anorexia sufferer to be able to go to the US to go to a treatment center specializing in EDs. This girl lives in WA and goes to a Uni very close to where I live. Her Uni is also helping her raise money to go overseas to get treatment which I think is great. But it also illustrates that in australia people are simply not getting the help they need, resorting to going halfway arond the world to get help.

While in countries like the US and Canada there are places like Renfrew and Remuda that specialize in EDs, what does Australia have? Most will get treated as an outpatient while if you’re more severe, you might get put in a hospital or a general mental health clinic or psych ward.

It seems that many ED sufferers are not getting the help they need because of a lack of resources. In this area, Australia needs to advance, so that we can compare to other developed countries, like USA and Canada.

One thought on “Bronte’s Story

  1. Thank you, this is a big problem and until my best friend was dignosed with anorexia i did not know that there was no where to go for help. This problem needs to be looked at, we need more people to know about this and to become aware,as it is a growing disease these days.

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