Dentist appointment tomorrow…

…and I’m freaking out about it.

I’ve heard others say that purging will errode the enamel on your teeth and my psychologist has even given me a factsheet ‘Vomiting and dental care.’

I know that when we vomit, gastric acid comes into contact with our teeth and this acid will potentially damage the enamel on our teeth.

I’m really scared that when I go to the dentist tomorrow, he/she will find that my teeth are damaged and even worse, guess that it’s from purging. It will not be pleasant if the dentist asks me if I have an ED, especially with my mum there with me.

The dentist I’m going to tomorrow is a dentist that I’ve never seen before. When I was in school, the school made the appointments for me and I went to a childrens’ dental clinic on a school campus. But now that I’ve left school, I have to go to a new dentist.

I’m not sure how long it takes before teeth get damaged from purging. I’ve been purging a few times a week regularly for about 14 months now and I’m not sure if after that period of time, my teeth would have effects from it or not. I hope not :/

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