Psych Appointment. Cancelled.

You’d think that if my psychologist appointment was going to be cancelled, they’d at least call me and advise me about the cancellation. But no.

From my Uni it takes about 90 minutes by public transport to get to my psychologist’s office. I got there as usual and waited outside her office but 15 minutes past my scheduled appointment, my psychologist still hadn’t called me into her office. And she’s usually very on time.

I went and asked the receptionist if GK (my psych) was in today. Confused, she asked me, ‘Is she a doctor?’ To which I replied, ‘No, she’s a psychologist.’ My psychologist’s office is in the C__ Medical Center, even though they’re seperate from the C__ Medical Center and the GPs that practice within it. The receptionist tried paging my psychologist but nobody answered. I took that to mean that she wasn’t in- and decided to take the train all the way home again.

I remember GK telling me last session that she may have a conference or something today. But she wasn’t sure and if she needed to cancel the appointment she would CALL ME. But if I didn’t hear from her, it would mean that the appointment was still on as usual.

Needless to say, I was NOT happy about travelling all the way there just to find out that she’s not even in today. Is it that hard to call to tell me? That’s just slack and it makes me feel like I’m not worth even bothering about.

What does it matter if I waste about three hours of my day travelling back and forth from her office for no reason? What does it matter if I feel rejected and I’m annoyed at not being told my appointment was cancelled? Obviously it doesn’t matter at all.

I was considering calling her office to find out what is going on and what happened. But then I think, well, if she doesn’t bother calling me then why should I bother calling her? If she doesn’t end up calling me, well, then I don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t know when my next appointment will be.

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