I was talking to a friend today about career options and I told her that I used to want to become a psychologist. She said that people said it would be scary to work as a psychologist. To which I asked ‘How come?’ She said something along the lines of, ‘You have to talk to crazy people.’

Being one of these ‘crazy people’ she was talking about, I felt pretty defensive. I told her, ‘They’re not crazy. People with something like depresion or eating disorders aren’t crazy.’ Being the two mental disorders that I supposedly have, those are the two that I came up with as examples. But of course, any mental disorder does not mean that someone is ‘crazy.’

No wonder I don’t like to reveal to people that I see a psychologist, if that’s what people think. That seeing a psychologist makes someone crazy. And that we’re dangerous . My goodness.

I didn’t even realise that people still had this view. I mean, a psychologist, people see one for all sorts of problems. Like stress, unhappiness, relationship problems, family problems, school problems, greif counselling and other issues that aren’t necesarilly mental disorders.

If people already think this way about seeing a psychologist, imagine what they must think about seeing a psychiatrist. Seeing a psychologist, you could put it down to one of those everyday problems, for example, stress. But a psychiatrist, well, there’s no two ways about it. If you see a psychiatrist, there’s a pretty high chance that yes you do have a mental disorder of some sort and there’s really no denying it.

But hey, at least I was brave enough to seek help. If seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist means that I’m ‘crazy’ then so be it. It’s far better than ignoring the problem, just so I can claim to be ‘normal’ because I don’t have to see psychologist like all those ‘crazy’ people out there.

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