I got accepted…

as a Reach Out Youth Ambassador! I’m excited! You can go to the RO website at http://www.reachout.com. Basically, Reach Out is a website for young people that promotes mental health. It has a variety of fact sheets, information, stories and online forums. All sorts of issues facing young people are talked about on there. Mental health issues, alcohol + drugs, school, family, bullying, sexuality, relationships, abuse etc. It’s a great website. Youth Ambassadors are involved with RO in participating in RO activities, promoting RO, putting forward ideas etc. I’ve been going to this site since I was about 13. So I’m really glad to be a part of something that helps young people through tough times. Because this is something that I can get passionate about- helping people like me get through difficulties.

On a downside though- I failed my human bio supplementary exam. Which means that I’ll be repeating the unit next year and it also means that I am unable to continue on with two units in semester two because human bio was a pre-requisite. Is it bad to say that I feel relieved? because while failing is not a good thing, it also means that it takes a lot of the load off to not have to do half the units. However, there are a lot of bad points to this too.

Part of it is just that I don’t really care anymore. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, it means that I don’t have the motivation to seriously study and do well. On the other hand, it means that when I do fail, like now, at least I’m not crying, punishing myself, feeling like a complete failure, being really unhappy etc. I’ve even managed to not SH and right now I’m at almost 6 weeks SH free :O

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